imagine mistaking this for public health policy

whatever one believes about masks, imagine thinking that this masking of children while having the adults behind them unmasked was sound public health

when an unvaccineated child under the age of 18 still has around 1/10th the risk from covid of a vaccinated 45 year old adult (and a child this age probably 1/10th even that) even taking the vaccine companies at their word on efficacy before the “big fade” began and VE started to drop like a rock and the vaccinated started showing up as superspread carriers with 250X the viral load of unvaxxed in prior periods/variants.

(graphic from FT modified by @kerpen, assumes 90%+ vaccine efficacy)

look at the proud smiles as they flaunt their epidemiological ignorance and ascribe virtue to the muzzling of children to no useful effect yet fail to adhere themselves despite probably 100X the risk.

perhaps they think the virus only affects those people whose faces are at low elevation and that they stand above it?

seems weird given the way they all act in restaurants where, apparently, the canny virus can be fooled by getting low.

why, it’s almost as if this is all performative and has no internal consistency or medical basis at all.