I don't want to blame the victims here, but people: STOP GETTING TESTED. I don't care where you live. Just stop it. And contact tracing? Just say no.

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Start fighting back motherfuckers or you will have no life left to fight back with.

No one gets out alive.

Wake the F up and FIGHT.

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My House Representative here in Sacramento California is Doris Matsui, a woman who was born in a Japanese American internment camp during WW2.

You would think anyone who has lived through and heard the family shared experiences of those who were forcefully arrested and relocated, against their will, peoplw who lost everything, would vehemently object to relocation camps, anywhere in the world.

You would be wrong. Doris Matsui is a coward with no principles. Or, at least her principles were checked at the door when her real masters of the New World Order came knocking with their collusion covid cash.

Prepare for the worst here in the USA. Our politicians and media have been bought and are currently selling us.

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Important to note that Ardern was raised in a highly-authoritarian cult (Mormonism) and has just exchanged one dogma for another. This was an easy transition for her.

The problem is that humans are hard-wired towards hierarchal organizing systems (starting with the family/pack [and I'm strongly in favor of the nuclear family; it's the best system we've got in this chaotic universe we inhabit]) and when any traditional source of authority is diminished (religion), people create another with its own dogma, holy writ, liturgical hymns etc. This is an incurable affliction.

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We have found out that 60% of the population and 97% of governments are certifiably deranged

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It is insane. All the presidents, prime ministers and pieces of shit on board. It is difficult to understand or explain.

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If you get vaccinated you can do anything! Including catch covid, spread covid, get sick from covid, die from covid, but wait, there's more! You can also get a myriad if injuries or die from the "vaccine" that affords no measurable protection but does allow you to become an asymptomatic super-spreading plague rat.

But you'll also get to virtue signal to all of your equally dimwitted friends, so come on down and become part of the largest human medical experiment in history!

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That’s absolutely correct. We have to stop believing and engaging in this false narrative. COVID-19 is not a serious illness and is easily treated with legacy drugs, vitamins and all the same common sense cures used for the flu.

Stop getting tested, stop wearing masks, stop believing the bullshit.

A news reporter here in the states asked an Amish man why there was no COVID-19 within the Amish community; his reply “we don’t watch television“. To me, that says it all.

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Protests, protests, protests. Nobody cares. They double-down on vaccines that we know don't work. They ramp up the punishments. Has even one nation changed course in the face of protests? None of this shows the slightest sign of ending.

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You can never oppose or fight totalitarians, communists or fascists with a smile, with kindness, by protesting them or by ignoring them. But there is a solution to this problem. The only question is, if people will figure it out on their own in time or if it needs to be spelled out and presented to them by someone. And even if someone does it, there is still big chance that many will refuse of even considering it as a viable solution.

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I used to be anti-gun ownership. But as things have slid towards authoritarianism in the USA... I came to recognize that it's gun ownership that's the difference. Without massive gun ownership in the USA... we would have the same scenarios fully underway that are happening in Canada, Australia & New Zealand. All countries that banned gun ownership.

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“The importance of the event [the storming of the Bastille] lay simply in the psychological fact that for the first time the people received an obvious proof of the weakness of an authority which had lately been formidable.

“When the principle of authority is injured in the public mind it dissolves very rapidly. What might not one demand of a king who could not defend his principal fortress against popular attacks? The master regarded as all-powerful had ceased to be so.

“The taking of the Bastille was the beginning of one of those phenomena of mental contagion which abound in the history of the Revolution. The foreign mercenary troops, although they could scarcely be interested in the movement, began to show symptoms of mutiny.”

—Gustave Le Bon, “The Psychology of Revolution”

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>it’s like the humans got so coddled and so weak they forgot what any of this means.

It's not merely "like" that. In the words of Jacinda herself, that's what it is, so yep.

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My mouth is still on the floor reading this. Not sure when I will pick it up again as I watch the video of "her" saying jabbed can do anything. It's official, Aussie Land is insane. I wonder what they are requiring the indigenous people to do. They will kill the Aborigines with that poison. Is anyone thinking of the native peoples around the world? I pray they all can elude govt and not be forced into any of this.

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New Zealand here. Ardern can no longer make a public appearance without getting loudly protested. She hides in her office and makes the occasional heavily-choreographed appearance.

She's also recently posted record low polling. Not low enough for what she's done, and she still has far too much support from a far too compliant public, but the worm turns.

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I live in New Zealand, and have watched people I previously considered sane and rational prostrate themselves at Prime Minister Ardern's altar of amateur-hour narcissism. It is bewildering. I'm calling this Endemic Bio-Psychosis. Future generations will not look back kindly at us in light of the utter devastation we will bequeath them.

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I can’t help but feel the tingle of terror

(I must not fear)

wtf is going on over there?

(Fear is the mind killer)

to repeat Eric Clapton, where are the men?

(Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration)

Do I also have to be the ballsy righteous men that I want in the world? I’m already being the change I want to see!

(I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me)

Fuck these guys! Fuck their fucking new world order! Fuck 6uild 6ack 6etter! fuck your fucking vaccines! And fuck you!

(And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path)

I don’t like this. Im afraid, they’ll try to do it everywhere, and some of these creatures are not even human. How do we fight monsters and not become one?

(Where the fear has gone there will be nothing)

It’s been so long since I last tried that stream of consciousness that passes for talking to a higher power. I need to try that again.

(Only I will remain)

Please god help Australia.

Can someone slap me now?

I want to wake up.

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Let’s look at the big picture….because what may becoming next is a psychotic Eugenist dream. The first phase of the plan worked so well, so profitable, and so disruptive to the US and World economy, that they are ready for Phase 2….KILL BILLIONS WITH RE-release of SMALLPOX. 30% of those infected will probably die based on history.

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Those "leaders" are also pawns. If people reacts and throw them away, the globalists are for sure ready to substitute them with others of with other system, probably the global government.

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It seems clear and inevitable at this point. How? How do we fight this?

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I heard Mike Gallagher one nite say off the cuff that he got his shot, has his pass and tough luck suckers he is gonna go out to eat in NYC. WHO KNEW how cheap one could be to submit himself to authoritarianism!

As I recall, there is a video out there of New Orleans cops and Military ppl during Katrina removing people from their not flooded (but high and dry) homes and snatching any guns they had in the house. After cornering at gunpoint a very old little lady in her home they removed her from her safe, dry home that she did not want to leave. Drug her out. One cop said after that they he could not believe what they just did. But he did do it! People think cops and out own military won't act against us, but there are plenty who don't know who or what they are supposed to protect. Suddenly, you are a cop dragging granny out at gunpoint. What then. Granny abuse! The gateway drug to authoritarianism. Sort yourselves people!

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So is there no court system in Australia that at least has to hear a challenge to all this before it begins? Are there no civil liberties guaranteed by their constitution?

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Coming to Amerika is no longer just an Eddie Murphy movie. The sooner you realize this and prepare for the war that is coming the longer you will live. Go along to get along just gets you on the exspress train to a death camp.

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Gob smacked that someone would allow themselves to be rounded up like cattle and that apparently no one, NO ONE, has forcefully resisted.

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Bit of an alarmist beatup this. Those would be aboriginal communities I reckon. Way out bush. The only way to get medical attention for them is to bring them into town. Mind you I still see it as insane. Because the virus isn't so bad and the vaccine isn't so good and there's no other help offered and the measures make things worse.

Especially for blackfellows. Mixing and mingling is their whole lives. They even used to die in prison just from being confined. Had to make new laws or new practices in the NT Australia to allow for that.

But it is not like the Army in Australia is driving around rounding up healthy (but unvax) people and carting them off to camps.

Nothing remotely like it. Bit of a shame to see this venue sort of tilt that way.

In closing here's my set piece:

From start to finish never a mention anywhere, anytime by anybody about the immune system.

But that's what it is all about.

That's what fights the illness, every illness.

That's what vaccines depend upon for their pretended 'efficacy' - it's not the vaccine 'does it' if it gets done, it's the immune system.

So all the discussion should be about how to improve the efficiency, the health, the strength, the abilities of your immune system.

But there's not a word. Even by well meaning commentators like this one.

The words all come from the government in terms of laws and edicts and every single measure the govts mandate is HARMFUL to the immune system. Every single one.

And they even ban the use of things that would help the immune system: like IVM and HCQ.

So get the narrative onto the immune system.

check the FLCCC protocols.

start strengthening your immune system and get the gear ready for early home treatment if you need it.

And check your local hospital for what treatment they propose to give you if you become a covid patient of theirs - because you know what? they probably won't give you the best treatment, they'll probably deny you anti-virals like IVM. True. they don't advertise that fact do they?

Get on the ball. It is about your immune system. So demand equal rights for it. Demand equal billing. Equal space. And a fair go - health and strength giving measures for it.

You do realise EVERY single measure govts have mandated are HARMFUL to your immune system?

And then they want to pump a vaccine into you that will prompt your immune system to swing into action and fix things?

And then if you survive they want to claim credit for it?

Do you realise how you're being conned?

Forget the people, forget the govt, forget the vaccine controversies, just get to the guts of the matter and demand a fair go for your immune system, the 'Army' of the body, of your body. Demand an equal go a fair go for your army.

That's all.

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I’m in Australia and this is not happening. People are not being forced out of their homes and put in camps. We have had lockdowns but you’ve always been able to leave your homes for essential reasons such as groceries and even work if your employment is deemed essential. Australia is crap I know that and I’m not disputing we are rapidly approaching totalitarianism but let’s stick to the facts.

Some states are worse than others. NSW and VIC had too many cases and they lost the ability to contain it so they have let it rip now somewhat and international borders are open if you’re vaccinated or holding a certain visa. The other states are still holding on tight and have state border controls and quarantine. From what I understand New Zealand is holding those lines too. Our leaders thought they could pursue a zero COVID strategy and unfortunately a lot of our population were behind that. Right now we are over 70% vaccinated as a nation, over 90% in my state (NSW) so I’m fully expecting us to follow the UK, Gibraltar, Israel etc and have growing COVID numbers and having our politicians scratching their heads asking why.

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i found my avatar in a pawn shop for $3, i find the message priceless

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The Amish did this the best. No Wuhan virus tests done. No lockdowns. No government infused TV. They just led their normal lives. Now they have real herd immunity. No fear porn allowed.

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You realise that this is actually Australian indigenous communities in the outback? A handful of them dared to slip away & go walkabout so now they have imprisoned all the others. So where are the anti-racist groups in Australia protesting about how black lives matter, over this? All they are doing is complaining that these people are disadvantaged because of not having such ready access to the shots. And the solution? ADF now visiting homes in these areas and "having a conversation" so as to counter all the "harmful disinformation" that is making them wary. Perhaps the death of the Cherbourg elder just after his very public vax (meant to encourage his people to line up willingly) might have something to do with it.

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That's the Northern Territory, the least populated part of Australia, which is now outdoing everything Dan Andrews has done. It's also the closest to China and has already sold its port to China and in addition has several thousand US troops based there. Those last two facts are relevant in my view and may upend a few perspectives.

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I feel a little surreal reading this. Is this actually happening? Rhetorical question - I know it's happening I just am in shock.

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I hope Justin Heart gets it in the neck and dies a slow, painful, degrading and alone death.

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And yet another conspiracy theory gets put to bed. These camps are just to be used to quarantine incoming travellers, right?

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Who the hell is driving the trucks? Who are these Nazi cops rounding up the "unclean"? What is wrong with these people?

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less tests less covid.

That sounds like a perfect plan.

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I've known Jacinda is deranged since we were in New Zealand in 2019. She's only gotten more so.

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Hands up, everyone who believed Dandy Dan? No one? Thought so.

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Why wouldn’t Big Pharma, George Soros, and Bill Gates continue the game. They have successfully bilked the World out of $100’s of billions with the WuFlu after making a highly contagious virus in the Wuhan Lab, which Gates actually holds the patents on. Gates personally made over $200,000,000,000 in 2021 alone from investing in mRNA injections. So far, they have totally gotten away with this deadly scam. Time for Phase 2 to help cover their tracks and steal even more, and go for more power and control. With hundreds of $ BILLIONS in their pockets they can bribe and coerce a lot of government officials…..as we are seeing.

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"No weak society will stay free". Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will keep standing strong.

Others feel strong when they comply, judge and lock down others.

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oh divine feline, look at this beautiful correlation between the vaccination rate and the number of cases (bottom of page), for all Belgian municipalities.


why superspread hypothesis? superspread certainty it looks like.

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I read there are FEMA camps in USA. Now they have built Q-camps in Australia.

Not many knew that some people in New South Wuhan were shipped there in mid 2021. There was a coverage of one burly tradie who taken there. It was on Channel 7 news.

I wonder if the Q-camps were built for something else to come. In fact, the Victorian Premier did actually mention that - for future "pandemics". How did he know?

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I have learned a lot. And it has been a process, no matter how much information and how many points of view I have saturated myself with. One of the comments below by Adretto just took me to perhaps an obvious place for many, but a new one for me. It makes sense if you think about all of the money and power and the planning--that this thing did not pop out of nowhere or start just a couple of years ago--that it is not about red or blue by a long shot--that's just the theatre. Here's the link to another Substack he posted, and I am re-posting.


Now that I think about it, it seems almost impossible that Trump was not involved. There are no sides, no safe havens. It's just us.

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If people wanted to hide the negative effects of experimental Covid vaccines they would want to get rid of the control group. Employment and other discriminations against non-vaccinated people worsen the outcomes for those people. Someone who loses their job will be stressed, poorer, and have worse health. This discrimination in effect makes the Covid vaccines look less harmful by harming those who do not get them. Putting non-vaxxed in Camps is an even more effective way to make sure the control group shows less harm for the experimental drugs.

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That Jacinda Adern clip...oh my God. Is acting cute and girly the new seig heil salute? Dreadful woman. So far beyond the pale we need a new word for pale.

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This is really sad. The only way to turn things around is to have a general strike. If truckers strike, these dictators will fall to their knees in no time.

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