"let's use the army to put innocent people in camps!" said no non-horrific government. ever.

australia is literally rounding up "positive tests and close contacts of covid cases,” loading them into army trucks, and shipping them to quarantine camps against their will.

whole communities are again under “hard lockdown” which means you cannot leave your home for any reason other than medical treatment, an emergency, or if required by law.

that’s house arrest imposed on everyone over what looks to be 38 cases and contacts so far…

(playable video from longtime gatopal™ justin hart, one of the cornerstones of “rational ground”)

they announce this with all the emotion and fanfare of a weatherman predicting a partly cloudy day.

this is what happens when you let that genie get out of the bottle.

look at the literal overflowing joy of wielding state power to other and alienate that drips from the bizarre escapee from some off the books of gain of function karen eugenics program currently masquerading as the kiwi prime minister as she announces that “vaxxpass macht frei!”

i find myself simply stunned, over an over, as i watch this evolve.

it’s like the humans got so coddled and so weak they forgot what any of this means. i would have bet big money you could NEVER get away with this in free nations.

but you get to keep the rights you are willing to fight for.

no weak society will stay free.

those declaiming “the banality of evil” have it wrong.

it’s the evil of banality.

a go along to get along culture can be led to exactly this place if you just keep the pressure on and take little by little.

they lull you to sleep and you never wake up.

and if this will not make you rise as a people, wow, i mean, what would?

if you will not stand up to this, truly, you have earned a life on your knees.