I'm amazed at the crickets sounding off in response to this whole thing. You'd think the "eat the rich" types would be doing their sky-scream right now.

Goes to show yet again, it's not about wealth so much as tribe.

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Nov 21, 2022Liked by el gato malo

gato pal Tucker's piece is the best I have read - highly recommended. My favorite:

"... The FTX Future Fund’s commitments included $10 million to HelixNano, a biotech start-up seeking to develop a next-generation coronavirus vaccine ..."

Would that be the zero-testing pardigm? 30 years ago software developers used to say that users were the best beta-testers. The compliant now step in to do the alpha testing as well?

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I'm doing a dive into this for a future article, and I just can't believe how tangled these particular webs are. Obama's CFTC Commissioner Jill Sommers joined the FTX Board of Directors.


Former finance chair for Hillary is in charge of the agency doing the regulating! (Gary Gensler)


All, of course, also intimately tied up with the WEF and the Great Reset cronies as well!



And this is all stuff I'm reading simply AROUND THE EDGES of the article I'm writing about how FTX was caught up in the 'Together Trial' that 'proved' Ivermectin 'doesn't work' -- along with Gates and the rest of the covid crew.

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Seems like kind of a big deal that this dude orchestrated a scam, funneled $40 million in scammed money to Democrats, and then bolted on people who’re all but certain to lose whatever funds they had on FTX.

And my gut tells me nothing will come of this because of who he was giving money to—the same reason his dealings weren’t under more scrutiny in the first place.


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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 21, 2022

Just an aside....swimming laps today...40 ish lady slow pool walking in lane next to me...obviously in great pain. Said she had neuropathy in both legs. Said it came on immediately like fire as soon as she got one JJ injection. Hospitalized for weeks, multiple nerve blocks, medications...no relief. Lost job due to extreme unending nerve pain, muscle weakness, psychological state. JJ has no liability for next 75 years she said. Her doc called CDC and wrote, outraged about the injection. No response. No option for disability either. Divorced. 20 year old son left school to help care for her. Just thought I would share. Her life doesn't matter

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Gabe Bankman-Fried funded the "Together Trial" which was designed to FAIL ivermectin as a virus treatment.

These people need to be JABBED UNTIL DEAD.

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Your observations are pretty much the same as mine will be linking this today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Posted a article yesterday that there is more than meets the eye with FTX.

Made the following comment to an article by Sage Hana yesterday and I will give it to you as well -

Have been reading quite a bit about the FTX scam in the bitcoin world and this seems to be more than just some guy ripping off bitcoin customers. He goes bankrupt just as the Fed starts a trial on their own digital coin. Which probably means they will regulate the Bitcoin world so that the government can have complete control and their one world coin eventually.

He funded the Democrats and had deep ties to them, which probably helped influence a few elections and gave the " Big Guy " a little extra spending money. He worked with Ukraine, so the neo-con warmongers probably loved him.

And now lately I see that he helped fund research that was anti-Ivermectin. So this guy was deep in the big picture of everything about control - Money, War, Politics, Digital Coins and the Covid Narrative. Wouldn't surprise me if he was in on the Climate Narrative as well.

Also, interesting to note, he was scheduled to speak at a NY Times conference in November before he went bankrupt along with Zelensky, Janet Yellin, and Zuckerberg. Quite the crew. But we all know how the Times just pushes the narrative! As I said, there is more here than meets the eye

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Well look. None of this is new. The playbook was written a long time ago. This is like the Vatican for the 21st century set. I can't get over-exercised by human nature busting out all over.

The lesson is to always be skeptical of any new save-the-world dogma; it's always a Ponzi scheme in the end.

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Seems like just random chance you'd get an occasional giant scam that isn't connected to the Democrat party and the wef but I guess they will not tolerate a rival

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It is plausible that the FTX “towering fraud” was purposely and explicitly built by the likes of Blackrock to accelerate government regulatory power and the future growth of CBDC. Does Blackrock benefit when losing its investments in FTX? Chump change relative to its ability to tighten the noose on global digital currency.

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Despite being a fan for years, I phased out Harris as his TDS turned terminal and his bullshit detectors got signal-swamped by the Orange One.

I feel vindicated.

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They created a billionaire for political power. It'd be impressive if it wasn't disgustingly evil.

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So, some *crazy* observations/comments:

-the woman on the forbes cover? Supposedly that is a "666" sign she's making with her hand. FWIW

-predictive linguistics guy Clif High says that this FTX thing is a deep, deep unpleasant rabbit hole. He's predicting another "issue" in mid December, possibly related to the fed. Once again, FWIW.

-SBF and his "girlfriend" were involved in some sort of group sex club. Just imagine what the others involved look like. Sorry.

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SBF is starting to look like Keyser Söze with a meth habit and an even worse taste in clothing.

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Gonna say it again: physiognomy is real!

(Yes, I'm very handsome. Mom tells me that all the time...)

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"top 10 side effects you don't want in a financial fiduciary" 🤣🤣🤣👍

I just howled and howled, because what else can we do at this point?

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