"For a long time, there have been two types of people: lockdowners and anti- lockdowners. A day is coming when there will only be people who never supported lockdowns. Some of those will deny that such a thing as a lockdown ever happened." - Dr. Bhattacharya back in May.

Do not let them memory-hole the human toll.


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It was important that we filthy unvaxxed not burden "the US medical system" with our health needs. Those heroes needed time to practice their dance routines for TikTok.

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Absolutely well-said, El Gato Malo! NO Covid amnesty.

Nope, nein, nyet, uh-uh!

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Has anyone else ever noticed how much the progressive left uses the word "y'all"- a vernacular they are statistically unlikely to actually be using in their local, colloquial speech in real life- when scolding dissenters?

I wonder if it's a racist dog whistle?

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It was only last week when The Science (aka Fauci) was out there pointing fingers at the "unvaxxed." Of course, he wants people to look at anything other than the gain of function research. Still, I'm glad to be past the active persecution phase and into the tweet-deleting and pretending that it's different when Xi does it phase. No, these twits don't have the requisite self-awareness to learn, but at least they stopped threatening to throw me in a camp. At least for right now.

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Cognitive dissonance knows no bounds.

That said, and while I wholeheartedly support pulling receipts, I am losing interest in further debate with those whom I already defeated. Someone said, "anger is an acid that does more damage to the vessel where it is stored than to the surface onto which it is poured." Or words to that effect. I have spent far too long, pissed off. People still wearing masks. Pissed off. Places, like the U.S. still requiring vaccination to enter. Pissed off. Friends of mine still believing in the vaccine. Pissed off. Fauci, and the rest of his band of assholes, not admitting they were wrong. Pissed off. I figure the time has come for me to stop being angry about being right! I have adopted a point of view of bemusement, and yes, even forgiveness in some cases. The evil bastards, like the aforementioned Dr. pFauci deserve none. They deserve derision and frankly, jail. They will likely get neither. They are beyond my reach anyway. As for the rest of the folks I know, I will just shrug and nonchalantly realize they were fooled. And, be glad it wasn't me! #YMMV

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Sun-Mew and the art of Purr never gets old.

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It's easier to delete evidence than to admit they were wrong (and evil). It takes a responsible adult to do that...

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The symbol of the denial is Trudeau, last week testifying (lying) that he had never called antivaxxers names.

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This is electronic equivalent, 80 years on, of donning a disguise and hopping a freighter from Hamburg to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, or Montevideo. Or heading up the U.S. space program.

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People of profound innate decency always find it hard to see the true worst in others.

Forgiveness is a weapon against the good. Some things are unforgiveable on the human plane. If one believes in a higher realm where absolution might be granted, let the Big Grantor in the Sky remove from the Big Tandoor as the proprietor determines appropriate.

For us down here--no, I don't want vengeance, delicious as it is. Justice is hard to obtain and people are never made whole again. Let the receipts do their necessary work and keep 'em in fireproof safes.

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I'm never forgetting what people I know said/wrote.



But how do we keep receipts of strangers? I don't even know how to take screen shots and I suspect most of the crazy stuff--and there was plenty of it--has already been taken down by the lockdowners.

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Amnesty NO

Reparations YES

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Where do i get a card that declines COVID treatment? That could be a lifesaver!

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Never underestimate denial and shame. The audacity is asking for amnesty! Never forget!


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What you describe goes far beyond cognitive dissonance.

It ventures into the realm of living in a shared fantasy (something delusional narcissists are trying to do ALL THE TIME).

It is is a form of gaslighting (something narcissists are expert in).

They tell lies, not only to the rest of the world, but to themselves as well, to such an extent that they do not live in reality, as they believe the lies they tell.

It should not be confused with Cognitive Dissonance, as that is just a fancy word for rationalizing reality eg. "those grapes (that i cannot reach because they are too high up on the vine) probably taste like crap anyway" (you just eliminated your desire for the grapes by assuming they taste like crap).

What the Jersey changers are doing is more accurately "Gaslighting".

They are lying, they know they are lying, but they are lying so much that they believe that their lies will be perceived as being true.

So keeping the receipts and confronting them EVERY TIME is a great approach, but this must be done to such a degree as to point out to them that they are actually delusional.

Its a tough job, but diminishing their credibility (with extreme cruelty) is the only way to inflict narcissistic injury on them.

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