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there was once a model of democracy that worked.

it was a model of small government constituted of the people by the people in order to safeguard the rights of the people. it drew its mandate from the consent of the governed and its members from the actual populace.

the rights of the people stood paramount above the reach of the state and when encroachments into such rights were made, they were opposed and prevented.

this is what distinguishes a republic from a tyranny of the majority.

and it relied upon its citizens.

people saw an issue where they lived and they stood up to try to correct it. politics was personal. it was amateur, not professional. those with first hand knowledge sought first hand solutions. then, their work done, they went home and back to their lives. and that last part is important.

the rise of the professional political class and its hereditary dynasties has destroyed american politics. it’s destroying america. these people are not real people. they have never had real jobs. they barely even inhabit the real world. they do not seek to serve, but rather to subjugate. they do not rise on merit but by association with powerful patrons and political cabals riddled with crony capitalism.

it’s a self-perpetuating aristocracy cum plutocracy by (increasingly less convincing) stealth.

they seek little save to become the machine and to tee up the next generation: grabbing ever more control while they enrich themselves and their fiefdoms at the expense of we the people.

thus we have become ruled by a gerontocracy of elder cronies who mysteriously accrue vast wealth and power on modest public servant salaries and who ruthlessly wield the power of monstrous political war machines full of filthy lucre to make salacious attacks on any outsider so brazen as to intrude upon their carefully curated versailles.

no outsiders need apply unless they first kiss the ring and agree to be the useful idiots and mascots of this increasingly hereditary ruling class. the next generation are hand picked for loyalty and ideological purity.

this is not the way.

it’s the elevation of an entrenched, self-serving ruling class that more than ever imposes and justifies such rule via unelected precincts.

the technocracy becomes circular. “experts” of long service, picked by the “right” aristocrats dress up political talking points as “science” and thus gain the patronage they need to retain in perpetuity their unelected seats of power. in exchange, they provide pretext for the exercise of undue authority and the imposition of tyranny.

these are the medieval bards paid to carol of the greatness of the chieftains and the rightness of their rule. but the minstrels are singing for not just their supper but for appointments to court that they too may grow fat and powerful.

we see this is education, environment, economic, and health spheres. suddenly the CDC is making housing and financial policy by banning eviction. social justice majors run US banking policy on home lending. ESG takes over the SEC. education becomes political indoctrination.

the power of the state resides ever more in the appointed agencies of the executive and the allegedly elected derive ever more pretext for policy from the crooked prophesies of these corrupt oracles masquerading as experts.

one hand washes the other yet the system grows every dirtier.

and no one else gets a say.

on how much of the restriction and roughshod running over of rights of the last 18 months did any congress, state of federal, even get a debate much less a vote? where were we the people? this was all “they, the bureaucracy” carrying water for “them, the inhabitants of presidential and gubernatorial palaces.”

we have lost our way.

the road back looks like this:

Twitter avatar for @Emily_Burns_VEmily Burns😊 DMs welcome #TeamReality @Emily_Burns_V

Emily Burns😊 DMs welcome #TeamReality @Emily_Burns_V

1/ What we are currently suffering, is a pandemic of the unelected. There is no off-ramp for any of these restrictions—and they all know it. Because the problem is political, the solution must also be. So I'm running for congress. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

watch the video above. then watch the video below. then ask yourself “which one looks like the storytime i’d like my kids to be having?”

isn’t it time to make normal normal again?

i did not know emily before covid. i’ve never met her in person. but she’s been a gatopal™ for some time and i have spent a year getting to know her intelligence and ethics and becoming ever more impressed with both. we’ve worked on data together. we chat.

you’ll like her. go see for yourself.


this is the way out of this mess. this is the concerned citizen standing up to try to shovel back the tide.

she is not seeking a career in politics. she’s standing up because someone has to. she does not want to rule you or enrich herself. she wants to get the government off your back and out of your life.

and she wants to get jake auchincloss out of politics.

and you want that too, because jake is a part of the problem. he’s the classic harvard grad son of privilege whose political connections are launching his career.

his father is the deputy director to, wait for it, tony fauci at the NIH.

yup. his dad was the number 2 for the guy who looks to have funded the gain of function research on covid in wuhan then tried to cover it up and gaslight those looking into the matter. (and continues to do so)

perhaps not the sterling family basis in ethics and sense one might seek in a leader.

but what a perfect exemplar to unseat…

he’s the son of the machine, the next generation of entrenched aristocracy.

even in maskachusetts, they deserve better.

let’s LOOK:

Auchincloss raised the most money during the primary election in both the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 and earned endorsements from the National Association of Government Employees

The Democratic primary occurred on September 1, 2020.[33] In a race with eight other candidates, Auchincloss won with 22.4% of the vote. It took the Associated Press three days to call the race because nearly one million votes were cast through mail-in ballots due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[34]

this is a kid who slid in on coat tails and got a pile of endorsements, gobs of cash, and BARELY won the primary in a race laden with asterisks.

and yes, i mean “kid.” he’s 33. he’s never held a real job in the private sector, just cultivated political and educational aspirations.

and the nepotistic coat he rode in on was filthy.

do we really want the son of a fauci lackey as the new feudal heir to the throne of mass district 4?

or might you want someone who actually seeks to serve the people who live there and to provide them (and america) with liberty?

someone more like emily burns.


because THESE are the issues of our times. the return of rights to we the people, the diminishing of the unaccountable federal agencies that rule by diktat, and the imposition of consumer sovereignty upon our monopolistic system of schools that has for too long served itself, its ideologies, and its unions at the expense of our children.

we need congress critters that will protect is, not prey upon us.

this is the way.

it’s time we stopped talking and started doing.

tired of tired choices? then let’s make a new one.

professional politicians are the problem.

so let’s abandon them and make congress amateur again.

yeah, i know, it’s a deep blue district. yeah, i know, auchincloss is entrenched now and tied to powerful patrons and machines.

but win or lose, no one should get to monopolize debate and this cosseted dauphin should not be granted the right to reign without facing some pointy questions from real opposition.

i, for one, will bet he cannot answer them when going toe to toe with burns.

sure, they can try to bury her under money and ads and publicity, but that just makes the emily vs goliath story all the better. you cannot try to “out publicity” someone and duck them at the same time.

this is a unique time. parents all over the country have had it with the pseudoscience inflicted upon their kids.

if nothing else, let’s go stir things up.

someone has to go after these people. emily has real, no fooling around chops in science and education.

just getting her on a public stage to debate masks and lockdowns and schools with he of the fauci-featly father will be worth its weight in gold.

let’s elevate the debate beyond platitudes.

the only way to stop these aristocracies from forming is to go tear them out by the roots by exposing them for what they are.

i do not generally donate to political campaigns because i am so rarely convinced of the character and capability of anyone running. it feels like slapping more paint on a boat made of rust.

but i am convinced here.

many have asked what they can do to support “bad cattitude.”

it’s flattering, but the simple fact is that i do not need your support. the bad cat is quite comfortable.

but emily does.

she’s going up against the political steamroller of the entrenched hereditary political dynasties and standing up as the yeoman (yeowoman? is that a thing?) citizen seeking nothing more than to return government to the promise of leading with the consent of the governed instead of abrogating it.

so, if you feel like supporting something, support her and DONATE.

spread the word.

follow her on twitter. she posts great stuff.

make her too popular and too well known to duck.

force the other side to engage for real on the real issues.

get to know her. she’s a wonderful lady.

but help.

it’s a simple question: do you want rights or rulers?

because you cannot have both.

let’s turn this poignant little allegory into a national media event that cannot be ignored.

it’ll be fun.

if not now, when?

if not you, who?