As you pointed out before, the numbers are junk most of the time, but I also wonder if we're seeing an increase in all-cause mortality, meaning the unvaccinated are dying of COVID but the vaccinated are dying of other things at a higher rate? I watched a video on BitChute by a doctor who said, as you point out, the vaccine drops the immune system like a rock, but that not only has implications for catching COVID but allowing latent viruses to get out of control or even latent cancers. Add in the blood clotting factor caused by the spike proteins (and the vaccine is *only* the spike proteins) and inflammation in organs, and you could see an all-cause rise in mortality, so, yes, the vaccine might keep you from dying of COVID only to have something else get out of control because of the immune system drop and kill you. So the vaccine is a plague on the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and we're all screwed, and I'd like to pop Fauci's little head right off his shoulders.

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I'm afraid I agree with your theory. I've been worried about this for months...based on instinct rather than data or theory. After shutting down the world in 2020 because asymptomatic granny killers were spreading contagion and hurting us all, they have created legions of asymptomatic granny killers through their "vaxx the world" campaign. Ironically, many grannies may have become granny killers.

I am more worried and more cautious this year...despite a less virulent strain and more community immunity. I never put much faith in the vaxxines.

So, I recommend that all unvaxxed (and vaxxed) familiarize themselves with prevention and early treatment protocols, create a C19 go-pack, get some ivermectin and HCQ...if you can, and find out where mAbs are given in your area and by what criteria. Also, connect with a PCP who will work with you to stay out of the hospital.


All of these doctors have treated C19 patients with great success from the beginning of the pandemic. There is significant cross-over in their treatment protocols. There are other protocols as well. Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough both testified before Congress last year.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD


Dr. Peter McCullough, MD



If you are looking for a source of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, or EGCG, I recommend the following site.


You can also find NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) on this site. I've read that the FDA was threatening to pull NAC off the shelves last year and reclassify it as a drug after decades OTC. You can no longer find it on Amazon. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, which is made by the body. It is thought to help with energy stores in fighting infection.


Rainbow Light has multiple formulations of Vitamin D3 gummies. I've taken them for years. Kids love them...even grown up kids.



I have not been able to secure HCQ. According to Dr. Zelenko...Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Quercetin work synergistically to drive zinc into the cells and interfere with viral replication. He was looking for alternatives for HCQ after NY State and Cuomo cut off access.



Ivermectin is on most of the protocols that I've seen, including the ones linked above. There is great demand for it despite the horse dewormer PR psy-op. Many pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions. Many doctors refuse to consider it. Most hospitals refuse to administer it. Just last week, news broke about a Vietnam veteran in Texas who died in hospital after a judge denied his family's request to order the hospital to administer ivermectin. This man had a prescription for ivermectin from the VA but had not had a chance to fill it before he was admitted to the hospital. If this can happen in Texas, those of us in blue states are screwed.

I've been on a waiting list to get a tele-health appointment for Ivermectin prophylaxis and early treatment for a couple months now. A couple weeks back, they sent an email letting me know I was still on the list.

I made an appointment...and paid for it...with another outfit. They took payment and acknowledged my appointment. I'm supposed to talk to the doctor on Sept 20...so far, crickets. We'll see.

A friend of mine was able to get a script filled with this outfit, but it came after she had recovered.



I recommend you get an at home fingertip pulse-oximeter. Remember all the talk about "happy hypoxics" last year. I also recommend you get a baseline oxygen level before you get sick. Pick the best finger (my left ring finger works best). Remove nail polish or moisturizer, which can interfere. These at-home devices are not state of the art, but they can help.

I bought this one on Amazon.



If you can afford it...and you think you're high risk...get an oxygen concentrator. I've been tempted many times over the past year. They're very expensive.


IMO, the goal is to stay out of the hospital. Once admitted, you and your family have no control. Most hospitals have treatment protocols that include Remdesivir, which even the WHO does not recommend.

Aside from exercising appropriate caution wrt big crowds and crowded small spaces, I recommend all people...unvaxxed and vaxxed...consider preventative nasal washes/sprays and mouthwashes to cut down on viral load or wipe out early exposure.

I just started using XLear nasal wash and nasal spray. The nasal wash contains Xylitol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate. The nasal spray contains Purified Water, Xylitol, Saline, Grapefruit Seed Extract. You can find it on Amazon and iHerb, but the inventory is spotty.

An article about XLear, grapefruit seed extract, and the SCV2 virus...


The actual study preprint...


The FLCCC early treatment protocol recommends a commercial 1 % povidone-iodine nasal spray. I have not found a product that fits this description in the US. It may be available in other countries. Personally, I'm a little worried about using this kind of solution longterm as it may affect thyroid function and injure the mucosal tissue. I would consider this if I had a confirmed infection. They have a recipe for a home-brew in the protocol.

Here's some information about nasal washes/sprays and C19...



And, fyi, I've been to the dentist a few times during the pandemic. My dentist requires everyone to use a peroxyl mouthwash open entering. I believe this is recommended by the ADA. I'm not aware of any outbreaks connected to a dental practice, which is remarkable.


As an aside...for years, I've struggled with rhinitis. I have no discernible allergies. First, I was a Neo-Synephrine junkie. (I just checked; they still make it). Next, it was CoricidinD. Then, I turned to rx steroid sprays. Then, rx Patanase...which was very expensive even with insurance and, well, let's just say it didn't help...it hurt. What can I say, I'm a delicate flower.

Both of my children had allergies and asthma, so I was introduced to "the nasal wash". I confess, I was horrified. The doctor recommended the squeeze bottle for children because it is easier to use. Since my kids would only use a nasal wash when congested, I'm not sure it did much good...although it was a great source of amusement for them. I did get a bottle and try for myself. It brought back memories of being tossed about in the waves at the Jersey Shore right before being slammed into the sand...not good memories.

A few years back, in desperation, I tried a neti pot...a much more pleasant experience. It won't hurt. It might help. And your sinuses will be sparkling clean. FYI, never...never...use tap water...never. Never.

My $0.02. I hope it helps.

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I see three problems if this is true;

-too many politicans have pinned their entire careers on vaccination.

-corrupt medical practitioners fudging the numbers to get the outcomes they desire

- all the billions of dollars tied-up in the vaccine programmes.

I doubt there will ever be an honest reckoning. Too much money and power tied-up in it all.

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Sorry, but still don't see how one can be convinced vaxes have reduced deaths in at risk groups. While we can be grateful to England for the PHE vaxed/unvaxxed data, it's clear that this data is riven with potential confounders and is not nearly detailed enough.

Still, if for argument's sake one accepts 'reduced deaths' as a fact, does this mean 'reduced C19 deaths' or does it mean 'reduced all-cause deaths'? If it's not all-cause deaths, particularly among the elderly and at risk, then the entire vax argument becomes moot. (As it does for many medical interventions in the vulnerable or elderly.)

Personally, I believe that the 'vax everyone, even the kids' movement is looking more and more like a frantic effort to muddy the waters and destroy all possible control groups, for all possible outcomes, before the ultimate reckoning.

This vax 'em all movement, combined with the rampant unreliability of US health data, will probably force serious researchers to look at countries other than the US to ultimately understand what happened during the past two years, and to figure out why it happened.

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Good way to eliminate the control group scumbag hesitators (*sarcasm). Because its not their vax status they really hate, it's their critical thinking and innate resistance to lemming-like behavior. Can't have that if you are trying to turn the world into a globalist socialist hell-hole. I would say one other possibly workable hypothesis is testing artifacts. As this phenomenon of vax causing increases in cases/hosps/deaths becomes more and more plausible, watch them come out and try to blame it on false positives. Wouldn't that be ironic.

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This is an eminently testable hypothesis that can be explored by examining regulatory T-cell responses (or other immune tolerance responses) following vaccination. To date, I can find no evidence that anyone has done this, but I would hope that it will happen in the near future, and the results will be illuminating.

Tolerance is not an on/off phenomenon but rather a wide spectrum ranging from the complete immune acceptance of most of our own proteins to the extreme reactogenicity of a serious peanut or bee sting allergy. Tolerance mechanisms can coexist with immunity mechanisms, such that tolerance begins to become apparent as the level of neutralizing antibodies declines. And to be clear, I am not hypothesizing that the genetic Covid-19 vaccines function by virtue of inducing tolerance. It has been well-demonstrated that they induce a strong neutralizing antibody response. I am instead suggesting that they may *also* be inducing partial tolerance, and that this effect may help to explain strong protection against severe (immune overreaction) disease, high rates of illness transmission in high-vax areas, and possibly also significant declines in immunity after 4-6 months despite continuing high antibody levels.

If indeed the genetic Covid-19 vaccines are inducing partial tolerance, we can make certain predictions:

1. Genetic vaccines will be extremely effective at preventing severe disease, but much less effective in terms of preventing infection. (True)

2. As vaccine immunity wanes, protection against cytokine-storm-type severe disease will be maintained. (Seems to be true)

3. As vaccine immunity wanes, vaccinated people will increasingly carry and spread the virus, and population-level viral prevalence will rise in areas with a high uptake of genetic vaccines. (True) Vaccinated people will be more likely to be asymptomatic carriers. (True, https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00460-6/fulltext)

4. This will lead to a significant wave of illness transmission which will disproportionately affect unvaccinated people (who are not protected against severe disease). (True right now across the US and much of the world)

5. Booster shots will further increase tolerance, leading to an increased level of disease prevalence across the population. (True in Israel)

6. As immunity wanes and new antibody-resistant variants emerge, vaccinated people will be more vulnerable to long-term/chronic infection with high viral loads. Due to the protective effects of tolerance this will likely manifest not as typical severe Covid-19 illness (pneumonia, ventilators, cytokine storms, multiorgan failure) but rather as spike protein toxicity. So we should watch for an increase in clotting, strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, neurological problems, etc. Vaccinated patients dying of these conditions may not be tested for Covid-19 and so likely will not be counted as covid deaths, and the myth of vaccine efficacy may persist based on the original definition of “preventing severe Covid-19 disease” even as we experience a wave of mysterious illness and death. Furthermore, vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to other infections due to regulatory-T-cell mediated general immune suppression. Should ADE develop, with non-neutralizing antibodies facilitating enhanced infection or direct infection of immune cells, tolerance could well lead to further exacerbation. However tolerance could also provide protection against cytokine storm-type reactions and accelerate the evolution of SARS-CoV2 into an endemic human pathogen, so the long-term effect of tolerance is uncertain.

7. Contrary to the shrill claims of the fearful, vaccinated people will present a much greater danger than unvaccinated people in terms of asymptomatic transmission and evolution of new variants.

8. There are likely to be significant differences between the vaccines. In particular, the two-shot series would be expected to induce greater tolerance, and possibly also greater tolerance will be evident in countries with a shorter interval between the two shots. Countries that utilized inactivated-virus vaccines are probably less likely to see tolerance effects, although they may still encounter ADE or other problems down the road.

This hypothesis presents a scenario of vaccine failure that first appears as success (because tolerance prevents severe disease), that explains the trends currently observed (unexpectedly high illness rates in high-vax areas), and that potentially portends a troubling future without invoking the still-hypothetical ADE.

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All predicted by Geert vd Bossche, jj Couey, Dan Sirotkin, Walter Chesnut

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I need to catch Covid quickly before it gets even more deadly.

Anyway, this is even more frightening:

CDC shows excess death week ending Aug 21 is 13,512. Worldometers shows US Covid deaths during that week at 7,495.

Why 6,017 non-Covid excess deaths? Are they vaccinated people who died of Covid but they assume died of other causes because they were vaccinated? Are they vaccinated people dying of stuff caused or exacerbated by the vaccine?

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The hypothesis makes sense. The assumption that there is more asymptomatic spread now. Begs a question: Will natural infection confer long lasting immunity, even against future variants targeted towards the leaky virus? If this is true, and we're rapidly infecting everybody.. then this will self resolve soon. Sure would be nice to know if I've had it and not known it.

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i just want to know how to support your work. can't see here on substack where i can send any kitty kibble, treats, or toys. patreon? even bad kitties deserve to have a can left out now and then, considering the excellent rodent cleanup job you're doing.

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What would make this even more insidious is proposed mandate conditions where the vaccinated are not regularly tested. Already in many areas the unvaccinated are tested disproportionately to the vaccinated. In my area in-classroom workers are tested 4x per month vs. 1x for the vaccinated.

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This is precisely what Dr. Bossche predicted would happen, with mass C19 vaccination, in his open letter to WHO in March of this year. "Vaccination" = increased and more virulent variants affecting younger populations.

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Some of the vaxxed have prior immunity, so, sure, the jabs “work great” for them.

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Naughty Kitty, to propose such a thing! The problem is we are not seeing excess mortality spikes in Euromomo for UK or Israel or at least not much in the latter. The US on the other hand is right back to last summer as you show.

Hypothesis: they're killing people in the hospitals still. Mechanism.

1. seasonal covid illness hits about the same time as last year.

2. whether of or with, people report to hospital with respiratory illness … mostly old and infirm in lockstep with rising summer epidemic.

3. hospitals refuse to treat until patient is so ill they are ready for their vent.

4. vent blows out patient's lungs and kills them, hospital collects medicare bonus $$

5. excess mortality spikes.

6. summer epidemic wanes, hospital visits wane, venting wanes, mortality declines.

7. Rinse and repeat this winter.

If you do not put in murderous hospital care as a risk variable, you cannot explain patterns in deaths at least not entirely.

Yes, we are murdering people … by administrative policy. Stop blaming the little people, vacced or not.

Naughty Kitty!

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I think you’re right. I’ve been worrying about this possibility for a while now. The question is, what on earth can we possibly do about it? Society is already in danger of crumbling due to the pressure on the vaccinated to shun the unvaccinated. Now that we are the minority, how on earth could we avoid vaccinated people and I can only imagine the further division that would cause. If some entity wanted to destroy our civilization I can’t imagine a more insidious way to go about it. God help us all.

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Geert Vanden Bosshe has been warning about this for at least 8 months, https://youtu.be/BNyAovuUxro

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