There were always a few honest and courageous doctors and scientists, even if the profession as a whole failed us. My husband, Dr. Chris Milburn, got fired as regional ER director for merely questioning whether the vaccines MIGHT have unknown long term side effects and suggesting that kids should remain in school. We are organizing a Free Speech in Medicine and Science conference (see https://pairodocs.substack.com/p/free-speech-in-medicine-and-science for details) in late October. It sure would be nice to have some savvy internet cats in attendance.

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The COVID pharma "science" seems roughly analogous to all the nutrition "science" pushing veganism wherein they conclude you'll get colorectal cancer from "red and processed" (nice arbitrary category lump and vague terminology) meat, based on a survey of self-reported dietary patterns for a year from memory and not even beginning to control for lifestyle factors.

I think that even the most charitable interpretation of this phenomenon still forces us to conclude that humans are naturally terrible at considering all variables, and thus should be very hesitant to make drastic life choices based on what calls itself "science." It only gets worse the less charitable of an interpretation you take.

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When in your career did you start to suspect this level of malfeasance was happening in the industry? I suspect covid wasn't your red pill.

You know from my previous comments that I am deeply skeptical of the childhood vaccine program overall, and believe that the whole medical narrative of "only vaccines and no other modalities, for instance like those Rockefeller paid to destroy with the Flexner Report, may be discussed as alternatives for superior health outcomes," creates a false dichotomy (vaccines or DEATH!!!!) that puts frightened parents in a corner. But, I'm also a contrarian bad-ass who was born this way, so I was actively rotating shapes on this stuff. I understand, 100%, how there can be, or appear to be, benevolent "good science" from the "good old days," that creates tremendous confirmation bias in favor of anything the Lancet disgorges. I also know what former editors of The Lancet, NEJM, and other prominent journals have said on, and off, the record about the quality of what gets peer-reviewed and published.

So, the question for me becomes, what did they know and when did they know it? Why shouldn't the rot be as old as Operation Paperclip? As old as Bayer? Have pharmaceutical companies *ever* been honest?

Also, your metaphors and analogies are spot-on and so helpful for illustrating your arguments.

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Can you write a "Dear Abby" post about vax faux pas? Here is mine. Would appreciate any comments:

Last summer, I was invited to a wedding that had a vaccine mandate. The host said it was to protect their elderly guests. When I asked if a negative test would suffice, it was rejected.

Due to peer pressure from friends and family who were also attending the wedding as well my employer’s mandate, I did the J&J one and done. The wedding ended up being mostly outdoors and since then, the couple got COVID but I have not.

Is it worth asking for an apology? Or should I follow my maxim that you can’t reason with a demoralized person?

The couple has been kind to me over the years, but worships the Blue Cathedral. The groom flies around the world pushing ESG, the bride is at a nonprofit that is all about “my body my choice”. They have ostracized another mutual friend for leaving their religion.

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Using the incorrect denominator is being used in the UK too.


When using the correct denominator or one that isn't an under-estimate at least, you see the unvaccinated are actually are much healthier bunch.


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Yep, so many three-letter agencies need to go. NIH, CDC, FDA, FBI, ATF, CIA, DOJ...

Unfortunately not gonna happen until the whole Empire crumbles.

On the bright side, we may be closer to that point than many people think.

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Well Gatito Malo Malo, this is certainly a deep rabbit hole you are inviting us down. Let's start with a couple of observations. First, the power to license is the power to destroy. Second, government licensing of any kind WILL be used to limit the competitive field, thereby interfering in the free market. It must be understood that business entities seek initial competitive advantage, followed by a desire to eliminate competition all together. Just these simple facts lead to the types of monopolies that you describe.

How do we avoid this? Unfortunately, human nature will inevitably seek to circumvent the protections against this behavior. However, your desire for a non-governmental private solution to various aspects of public health give us clues on how we might start.

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This is what government "healthcare" looks like. Progressives and democrats got into bed with fascists and woke up with medical apartheid and an authoritarian technocratic nightmare state.

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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

IMO this problem got markedly worse with Obamacare. They really wanted full-on government provided health care, but couldn't get that passed in congress. In some ways this is worse because it's hiding the reality behind a lie, which is choice. Just "choose your doctor" and they are free to provide health care, when in reality they are forced to provide government dictated care. Covid manipulations just turned the volume up to 11.

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Amazing how leftist politicians in America constantly scream and whine about the firearms industry being the only industry that can not be sued (which is false - they can be sued, just not for someone misusing their product), when really, the pharmaceutical industry vis-a-vis "vaccines" is immune from litigation, even when their products do harm with proper use. Tell me that isn't collusion of government and corporations.

I actually wrote a little piece about how the CDC now greatly resembles the Pharisees of Jesus time:


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Neuroscientist Kevin McCairn has been analyzing vaxxes that came out a year or more after launch. He's part of a group of scientists around the world analyzing them and they continue to analyze them.

He has found 100% of the samples he's analyzed since early 2022 contained no mRNA or lipid nanoparticles. They were blanks. That's how the shots got so safe.

His working hypothesis at the moment is that they may be putting out all blanks except for hot batches that contain the new variant to be launched. That's credible to me, because a number of scientists on Twitter have pointed out Omicron couldn't possibly have evolved from the Wuhan variant. It was another, separate lab creation.

McCairn and Dr. Fleming tested batches in early 2021 and October 2021 that did contain mRNA and lipid nanoparticles. Again, after that blanks. This is what you find out when you have friends stealing samples from clinics in multiple countries instead of getting them directly from Pfizer and Moderna.

He's got a bowlful of new vax samples (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and one other I can't remember) that he'll be analyzing as soon as he can book lab time.

The other way CDC is fudging the data is by grotesquely overstating the number of vaxxed. When CDC was claiming an 88% vax rate by December 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau found, in their December 2021 Household Survey of 69,000 people, that only half of Americans were vaxxed. And because of the social desirability effect and some remarks by Fauci and Rochelle in April of 2021, I believe the true rate is lower than that. I believe it's about a third to 40% of Americans.

It's really a shame they can't speak without lying, because it would be easier to prepare a response if smart people out in the real world had an idea whether we're about to go full Geert or whether we actually have natural herd immunity in huge swathes of the country.

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Unless we disband these institutions we come to the [frankly terrifying] point Jess Rose wrote about today.


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I retired from my job as an RN earlier than anticipated as I was sick of the corruption that I was witnessing at my place of work and that was before the Covid. So it was not too surprising to see the insanity unfurled upon us all.

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"it seems like the knee jerk public health response to the smoke alarm going off is to take out the battery and gaslight anyone who asks what that beeping was." LOL. I just love your vivid metaphors.

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"The best way to explain the behaviour of any organisation is to assume it has been taken over by a cabal of it's enemies"

- Peter Hitchens

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20 pills a day sounds like why the "let's grow spare parts in a lab" folks are starting with kidneys and livers. Eesh. Grow your own medicine.

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