You have done GREAT WORK to show this pattern. More "vaccine", more illness and misery.

At this point in the pandemic, infections and severe illnesses are driven by REinfections, not by new infections, and reinfections are mostly confined to the vaccinated.

Sadly, large demographic changes will soon occur due to Covid becoming like AIDS, a repeat or chronic illness in the vaxed that is taking down their already damaged immunity.

The smart vaccinated people need to consider moving to low vaxx areas, to be protected by a wall of unvaccinated people with actual immunity still working.

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New York is good at eldercide

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Spoke with an older "vaccinated" lady recently who is suffering incredible side effects from the Moderna "vaccine". Her satement? "I will *never* take another shot as long as I live and have thrown away my prescription medication." Keep pushing pharma... you are killing your customers and also driving people away from your evil products.

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Apr 20, 2022·edited Apr 20, 2022

What has been happening in the UK over the last few weeks is that the oldest people have been offered and given a fourth dose.....just a coincidence right??

I managed to provide enough evidence to my father (late 80's) such that he decided on balance he would not have any more. Instead he has taking up cycling and has discovered broccoli is not poisonous (as well as taking high dose vit D, anticoagulants, vit C). Demonstrating that it's never to late to start eating veg or increase exercise or to be red pilled.

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Regarding US stats...this is why we cannot believe a damn thing anyone says that is inside that DC beltway.

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EuroMOMO not showing anything unusual as yet for 2022.

Even England alone lacks a signal of concern at present. 1Q2021 we see a huge spike, likely due to c19 vaccine rollout into the most frail, and a moderate though grinding increase through much of 2021, consistent with numerous other reports.

From late 2021 to present, it appears nothing sizeable is happening. As usual the do-called COVID deaths are substantially misattribution (unless what caused that is also reducing deaths from all other causes).

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This is all easy to understand. There are no "variants" or "reinfections" or any of the assorted Covid lies. Immune systems are being vaporized by poisons being injected into bodies. Reducing oxygen intake and increasing CO2 levels in the blood while creating a petri dish on ones face by covering ones primary breathing apparatus doesn't help matters.

The mRNA injections are genetic weapons falsely called "vaccines" and are causing reduced immunity increasing over time, producing hyperinflammation and WREAKING HAVOC ON THE DNA REPAIR MECHANISMS. The "vaccine" proteins penetrate cell nuclei and wreak havoc on the DNA repair mechanism of cells, suppressing DNA repair.

People who have received mRNA injections will experience suppressed DNA repair, increasing damages from harmful exposures to radiation, mammography exams, chemicals in food products, and carcinogens in personal care products etc. as they will not be able to repair the DNA damage caused by those exposures. In other words, after relatively small exposures, they will begin to mutate and develop diseases and cancers.

The more of these poisons one pumps into their body, the closer they are to their doom. Not from any fake Covid, but from their immune system crashing into dust. Those spiky little proteins get into the blood and destroy cells and wreck the protective layer inside the main arteries that help create nitric oxide for blood. This is in part the cause of the major heart problems we are seeing.

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But...but...but my vaxxed friends told me a year ago that the NYT assured them that 97% of Covid cases were unvaccinated! (Narrator: of course, that number counted all cases from the time before there was even a vaccine). The only way this changes is when the bodies choke the crematoriums, whereupon they will say, "I'm glad all the dead people were vaxxed. It would have been so much worse for them if they weren't."

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Social Security is unaffordable - something has got to be done - it is being done.

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Netflix has lost a 'shocking' amount of subscribers:


Is it REALLY due to 'competition' or the great 'die off' from the jab?

How many other online venues entertainment/shopping/etc. will see a strange loss of patronage/consumers?


How many homes will go into foreclosure en masse because one of the 'forced to get a jab to work' breadwinners is dead? How long will it take for supplies to run dry for the grocery stores and food banks when a huge swath of employees are deceased?

But, let's focus on Ukraine. 🤡

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Until the triple+ crowd all get covid over and over again, some ending up in hospital some dying, they will not admit they have made a very big mistake. A mistake they cannot reverse/change. Until they witness everyone they know triple + vaxxed getting covid, just like what happened here in the UK, they will not admit they made a serious mistake. Brainwashed so severely they can no longer differentiate fact from fiction.

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Wonder if vitamin D status is influencing this. The elderly being least able to make their own D3, the places affected being northerly, the season being the most likely to find us vitamin D deficient. That could add to the decrease in immune function caused by the shot. https://www.grassrootshealth.net/blog/vitamin-d-supplementation-prevention-covid-19/?utm_source=newsletter-main&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletters

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Negative efficacy as a result of a non sterilising out of date, experimental etc so called vaccine with unsurprisingly little durability or efficacy. The spike protein enters the nucleus of the cells and down regulates DNA repair and the immune system. These repeated shots result in antibody dependent enhancement. (makes the virus easier to catch and worse) obviously the “boosters” gotta stop. The life insurance industry doesn’t like it either.

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Esteemed Mr Gato, I was wondering if anyone has estimated what the data would look like if we defined a vaccine death as "Death for any reason within 28 days of vaccination" in the same way we define covid deaths?

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Just like flu shots/flu season. A good experiment would be to change up the yearly Flu vaccination schedule.

Right after fall Covid vaccinations, a huge wave of “seasonal” infections and death will occur, right on schedule.

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One important paragraph and one important statement. Start with this: "if we have antigenically fixated large groups, the US data is likely keep getting worse in the old whose generalized immune responses are least potent and will be most visibly affected by being locked into sub-optimal or outright infective antibody response."

This is important because while it looks awful for the elderly (and I have many elderly loved ones, some who were vaxxed, so I'm still not feeling warm and fuzzy about this situation), we can have hope that we have not damaged the young or even middle aged too much and *if* we can get people to pay attention we can ameliorate the damage, so it's probably the best outcome of a bad situation. Now we just have to worry about the heart damage and cancers the spikes will cause, but we won't have to worry about a variant that will wipe all the vaxxed out.

And then there's this: "the US data is a mess and is both incomplete and adulterated in many cases." Given how COVID cases are counted, are we really sure we're seeing an increase in COVID hospitalizations *or* just hospitalizations in general or those counted as COVID.

But even at that, I'd say what we're seeing doesn't look good for the vaxxed nor for our ability to shake COVID as a political cudgel for years to come.

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