You're right on about the Clinton playbook and how it's being followed now.

1) This isn't happening

2) This isn't happening

3) It's possible it's happening a little

4) This thing has always been happening

5) Shut up, racist

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Another interesting explanation about this moment:


There are 3 groups immune to this effect of the manipulative narratives:

1. Those who've been abused and are suspicious of manipulation attempts,

2. Those with religious, spiritual belief in a creator, and are aware of evil,

3.those who have been scapegoats in their family, and are independent, or have had a hard life and so have life sense.

Explains a lot for me personally. Others here?

It's not about politics. It's been done "on the right" just as much, just not as much now. You're right about... forewarned is forearmed.

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CDC: there is not going to be myocarditis

CDC: there is no myocarditis

CDC: there is some myocarditis, but it’s very rare

CDC: Warning! May cause myocarditis!

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The good kitty cat makes one grave mistake in his otherwise most excellent above: “this winter would be as bad or worse than last winter despite all the vaccination.” --> this winter would be as bad or worse than last winter BECAUSE all the vaccination.

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It's almost as if they read 1984 and thought, "Hey, these are some great techniques!"

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This is a frightenly accurate set of analogies which reflect what has happened during the last couple of years.

Within the UK the behaviour of the government has accurately been called out by the journalist and author Laura Dodsworth. In her book 'A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic'.

Her exposure of politically motivated abuse of psychological methods against the population is truly accurate.

She exposes the ways in which the government has been using the media as a Nudge/propaganda tool to steer the public.

This is in reality State abuse of what should be referred to as psychological warfare.

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I can see it. I can sense it. Things are changing. Attitudes are morphing. People that I’ve known were full on vaxx mad are now saying “no way” to a third jab. But it’s not happening quickly enough. As president puddin’ head said, “I’ve lost my patience!” Let’s be ungovernable.

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Thanks. It’s getting to be so depressing. Austria and Germany now making war on unvaxxed. Children’s innate immunity threatened by vax. Horrific adverse events plus increased mortality (21 vaxxed dead vs 17 placebo Pfizer trial). Suppressed treatment options. Delayed Novavax alternative. I am one who gets neurological responses to drugs. I will likely die or wish I was dead if vaxxed. Had 2 time mild covid 2020 and 2021 plus tons of exposure but don’t seem vulnerable to it, like 80% of population. If I do get bad covid, so be it. You won’t find me in hospital on a vent. Not kidding. I refuse the current protocol. Have treatment if necessary. Please pressure your representatives! Let them know their vote on pharma tyranny matters.

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This is a great article. Ideas that are insane, if properly considered from all sides, are accepted in the fashion that you describe.

But they are only accepted because 1) the discussion is stifled and 2) because the public is fed falsehoods.

Yesterday, I caught Santa Clara County of California at basically publishing FAKE graphs of unvaxxed vs "breakthrough" infections. With cell phone photos of graphs, I caught them of modifying these numbers retroactively (for August, now November) and for recent time as well. The changes are huge and they were hoping to be unnoticed.

For Aug 17-18, originally the unvaxxed rate was 34, then months later it changed to 63, and two days later Aug 18 rate was changed to 85 per 100,000 -- making vaccines look great again! They hoped no one would notice.


This fake data is then used to normalize insanity, such as vaccination of people who are not threatened with non-working vaccines.

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Cuomo - Two weeks to flatten the curve..

Cuomo - Trump cannot impose mandates..

Cuomo - Biden can issue mandated jabs for jobs & QR "Freedom Pass"

Cuomo fill in - Jab everyone over 5.. every 180 days..

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Let's hope you're right about "you can only make this play so many times..." Most (not just a few) people I know are still in complete denial about the shifting narrative. To the argument, "well how many boosters do you think they'll say you need?" I hear, "Look, they're doing the best they can--no one knew how this would play out. We get the flu shot every year so that would be normal to get the covid shot every year too. These vaccines work so that's a good thing."

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Incredibly, the Governor of WA recently pointed to boosters as evidence of how effective the vaccines are, as he continually claimed vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic. I really hope people stop and think about this.

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My new mantra, Just Say NO. end of story, full stop. just read a dr mercola article citing dr meryl nass and this whole propanganda issue with the children and the "licensed" pfizer vax which is not on the market or we could sue. the article was frightening bc "they" want to give children their own right to consent to get the jab-I have no words. Long article but will attach link here. you will be horrified when you read this so be prepared how evil this all is going after the children.


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I know anecdotally that many, maybe most people know the vaccines aren’t effective and it’s becoming somewhat of a joke even in deep blue Seattle. That doesn’t mean they won’t do as they’re told, but they know the truth of it deep down.

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I saw somewhere that it used to be a war on the pandemic to protect the people. That has metastasized into a war on the people to protect the pandemic.

Pretty sure many here a) saw the lies right from the start and b) could see where it was going. Derided as “conspiracy theorists” right up until the time our prognostications became evidently real, the derision morphed into “old news”.

How many conspiracy theories turned out to be not so theoretical? Remember how only tin-foil-hat wearing nut jobs warned that there would be mandated (and soon to be forced) vaccines? Vax passports? Endless “boosters”? Vilification of the “unclean”? Tragic consequences of an untested medical treatment?

But of course internment camps for the “contagious disease carriers” is just crazy talk.

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Ahh, Michael Anton’s “That’s not happening but it’s good that it is.”


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