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cross posting season two: illusion of consensus

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implausible denial: morens outdoes himself

daszak's embarrassments of riches

societal trespass: the demon in the design

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NIH in the hotseat

monetizing munchausen by proxy

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the road back from serfdom

the road to serfdom is paved with lost perspective

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free speech: hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders

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make common sense common again

NIH sues bioNtech for covid royalties

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party life: are the ivies really so gay?

you are not a horse, you are not a cow

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stats with cats: the summer of the air-shark?

ketanji brown and the template of doom

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the demoralization of surrender

kitten corner: scam-coins

there's something fishy about these CHIPS

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in vino, verisimilitude

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causing prosperity

escaping abilene paradoxes and the future of the public square

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to my friends, everything; to my enemies, the law

the ponzi bomb under the city walls

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mathiness instills confidence

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parody as the path to healing

political shrinkflation

sunday meanpool: the battle rages on

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in person nation vs impersonation

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trading rights for safety

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the cuban message crisis

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golden rules and golden ages

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new journalism and new world order

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DEI/CRT do not stop racism, they cause it

kitten corner: obsessive climate disorder

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sunday memepool: feline domination

upticks in cancer

democracy dies in adulterated voter rolls

auditing academia

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sunday memepool: it's not so bad

kitten corner: meta-plagiarism

absurdity theater goes from tragedy to farce

claudinian cracks and the moment of doom

newyear's resolution: "be a house cat"