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sunday memepool 2: answering the big questions

post holiday sunday memepool

mistakes were made: collins edition

sacrificing the sacred ideas upon the altar of discourse

the memes before christmas

sunday memepool: another fruitful foray into gato's life tips™

the process is the punishment

the deep game: CO strikes trump off ballot.

sunday memes: gato's survival tips

sunday memepool

kitten corner: jeopardy

AI weather

kitten corner: "harvard, ur-kelin' me"

free for me but not for thee

sunday tips for success

sunday memetic reading of corinthians


the cantil-lying effect

sunday disquisition on the nature of humor

sunday memepool: why the world should be hollywood

here comes the next round of pandemic scare story

democracy dies in deficits

kitten corner: who framed mainstream memelords?

only elect the compromised

kitten corner: sometimes they really are out to get you

flashback sunday: the 80's

sunday memepool: getting in the game

is it pandemic season again already?

kitten corner: if only we had known

kitten corner: a hearty milei

AI reboot: control-altman-delete

sunday memepool 2: outside the catbox

sunday memepool

how higher education became a cargo cult

kitten corner: shaming the shamers

the real dangers of the virtual life

sunday memepool 2: some friendly advice

sunday memepool: more cat memes

paying for "entitlements"

breaking the tytler cycle

of masks and masquarades

double secret meanpool

sunday memepool: question everything

woke is not anti-colonization. woke IS colonization

happy hallo-meme!

the rationalist road to religion

sunday memepool 2

sunday memepool

social contract salad

kitten corner: learning about school

sunday meanpool

sunday memepool: the secret 9 lives of cats

wag the deficit

kitten corner: the health hobbit awards

memepool: the constants that bring us together

sunday memepool: fighting the man

the wall at the back of the theater

kitten corner: making the difference

hamas me no questions, i'll tell you no lies

utopian thinking goes to war

sunday memepool: the past is another country

sunday dad jokes

saturday memepool: being your best self

kitten corner: marketing science

did the pfizer vaccine even really have a drug trial?

what's being withheld on withholding taxes

the green grift is not about solving problems

more gato life tips

sunday catpool

kitten corner: i don't mean to alarm you

politician memepool

THE GATOFILES™: conspiracy cat talks nonsense. (maybe)

teflon tony goes to langley?

gatopredictions™: the 2024 presidential election

sunday aptitude assessment

sunday meme-quest

kitten corner: the epistemology of anti-science accusation

you don't own your kids?

a climate of climate censorship

meanpool virtue test

sunday memepool: gen X grows old

flagging american extremism

decongesting the ingredient lists of decongestants

kitten corner: manbunny foo foo

mistakes were made

sunday memepool (trust me)

sunday memepool: job search

bad cattitude contest

kitten corner: tony awards

sunday meanpool: growing old

sunday memepool: viva la difference

kitten corner: well isn't that special?

surviving the world of bought and paid for panic

cognitive carpet bombing

the commanding heights of the reputation war

not all heroes wear capes

special treat: extra mean pool

sunday animal-pool: living together

sunday pun-pool

a republic, if you can keep it

kitten corner: new CDC guidance

kitten corner: fool-proof business models

sunday mean pool

sunday conspiracy pool

the political philosophy of cats

kitten corner: marketing pfellowship

appointing great thieves

sunday meanpool: breaking loose

sunday enlightenment-pool

censorship 2.0: "free speech not free reach"

the cats of old san juan: update and call to action

back to school brush up on health facts

sunday perspective pool

memepool: evolution

how to derail a civilization

when the arbiters of truth become the merchants of misinformation


shall i compare thee to a sunday memepool?

kitten corner: standing at the bar

kitten corner: a change in the climate

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

the cold facts about heat deaths

kitten corner: don't believe their yesterday

why progress is environmentalism

back by popular demand: gato's life tips

wake up. it's time for sunday memes.

the revolving door of public private pharma spins on

freedom rock

setting the stage for your own execution

sunday memepool 2: food for thought

sunday memepool: getting ahead of trouble

whose rights are they? pre-emptive law challenge

sunday memepool: true romance

sunday memepool: another exploration into life's mysteries

kitten corner: debunking the debunkers

free association and free people

kitten corner: recycling

sunday foodpool

sunday catpool

kitten corner: affirmative action

moore v united states: the most important case you've never heard of

indoctrination, reputation, and evolution

assessing the covidian descent into the dark ages

sunday meanpool

animal memepool

why does the department of education desperately want to break AI?

metastasizing bureaucracy: randi goes to DHS

settling in to the reputation economy

political claims of "job creation"

sunday dad joke pool

sunday memepool: age into it

father's day message

flashback friday: one law for thee, another for me

adventures in chart-crime: making climate data look scary

endgame: when the woke hallucination becomes a feedback loop

sunday memepool 2: perspective

sunday memepool: technology

wildfires: bad policy is ensuring a perpetual sense of burning crisis

kitten corner: the electric rugpull

late stage legal plunder

kitten corner: by the people, for the people

sunday rabbitholes

sunday memepool: simple wisdoms

the security state turns inward

3/16: the day that will live in infamy

covid was not dangerous to the young and healthy until "something happened"

sunday meanpool: the path to wisdom

sunday memepool: antediluvian prodigies

kitten corner: safe spaces

idea farm

AP news is not news, it's paid for marketing

sunday memepool: what's the big idea?

sunday memepool: more life tips with gato

a successful society must see to itself

cross post: the dangerous illusion of scientific consensus

kitten corner: glory days

the monkey-business of "online experts"

the goldilocks zone of shame

Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky

sunday memelord pool

sunday memepool: claiming the throne

mother's day message

kitten corner: the whole of cost

censored social media makes for terrible brand decisions

why e-verify is a deeply dangerous idea

censorship is the last bastion of those without an argument

kitten corner: playing to Éowyn

in praise of the debt ceiling fight

kitten corner: testable predictions

sunday meanpool

sunday memepool

when the trading gets rough, the pros go insider

happy cinco de meow-meow

what's scarier than skynet? woke skynet.

do something! this is something. let's do that!

kitten corner: the aspirin police

no, AI will not "kill 300 million jobs" (sorry media)

there is no "good party" nor any principle. there is just power

sunday memepool: once upun a time

sunday memepool: food for thought

asches to ashes, all fall down

breaking the mancubs: activism as identity

a friendly reminder about "experts"

red meat for debate

sunday meanpool: this time, we mean business

sunday memepool: the catwalk

is the outrage mill a feature or a bug?

kitten corner: the wizards of watermelon

the inhabited human story

kitten corner: issues in public health

sweden birthrates feb 2023: still no stork

sunday memepool: even more "gato's life tips"

sunday memepool: "gato's life tips"

a gato explores substack notes

vaccine pay for play

how to slay a magic word cult

kitten corner: national public relations

when nudges become shoves

RSV vaccines in pregnant women and infants

woke addiction: drugs and cults are the same thing

kitten corner: peep performance

easter sunday memepool

sunday memepool: more cats stuff

CBDC: follow a clown, get a circus

bluebird bans are back

kitten corner: stuff you're not supposed to say

jacinda: a kinder, gentler authoritarian boot

how we know what isn't so

crowdsourced censorship: the twitter reputation wars

sunday AI assessmemes

sunday memepool: brothers in arms

we did it for science: hooky day

global warning: the wind and solar question

kitten corner: governor nuisance

never trust a fat communist

happy birthday to us

how to fix banking (and money) PBDC vs CBDC

kitten corner: humans try a feline AI

sunday meanpool: role models

sunday memepool: the wisdom of animals

kitten corner: speaking power to truth

central bank digital currencies and banking crises

banking crisis groundhog day

kitten corner: special kinds of stupid

sunday meanpool: adapting to the times

sunday memepool: spiraling out of control

legalizing stealing

too big to flail

kitten corner: that "fauci" guy

the struggle session is real

kitten corner: meet the new bossypants

the glorification of sub-mediocrity

sunday meanpool: hazed and confused

sunday memepool: now with 40% more puns

iatrogenic deaths: was it mishandling society or mishandling covid?

the greatest lie told during covid

the astonishingly un-astonishing case of mathew hancock

meanpool: how to spot stuff

sunday memepool

kitten corner: staying up late

going traveling

sunday artpool: a tribute to the artists

sunday memepool: gato life tips™

science + politics = political science

perhaps the state should not collect the data we use to decide if its policies are working

the new UK ONS data is out and it's worse than before

kitten corner: is the masquerade finally over?

why eliminating the FDA and CDC would probably make the public safer

kitten corner: permission to lead

cats posting their wins-pool

sunday nicepool

toughening up the buttercups

nothing is obvious to scared people

train crashes and base rate fallacies

kitten corner: dining tips

kitten corner: NY times sues EU over pfizer texts

valentines day meme-ssacre

fundamental humans rights (unless we decide to use them for leverage)

sunday mean-pool

sunday memepool:

why there isn't going to be a covid vaccine

kitten corner: trust issues

sudden malign creativity

kitten corner: follow the science

a simple proposal to restore confidence in public data

kitten corner: medical alzheimer's

kyoto university professor sues japan's health ministry over covid vaccine

kitten corner: the history of balloons

are covid vaccines coding for that they claim to? (and was this willfully ignored?)

sunday meanpool: (yes, again)

sunday memepool: trial balloon

purr review: wesselink study on covid vaccine effects on fertility

moving the goalposts on "safe" (part 1)

america has become a divided society

kitten corner: revisionist history

musings on the militarization of covid

gato's adult education

back by popular demand: gato's home schoolin'

kitten corner: old man yells at sand

more natality data from other countries

kitten corner: where's the beef?

the AI wars have already begun

swedish birthrate data: november update

kitten corner: life imitates art

rationalizing rationality

kitten corner: new business model

is the UK health regulator disavowing covid vaccine approvals?

sunday mean-pool

sunday memepool: breakfast is served

democracy dies in data adulteration

CDC passes the point where malfeasance can be mistaken for incompetence

malign creativity: greta edition

if you could make one law

kitten corner: linguistic terrorists

if covid vaccines stop covid deaths, then why do they keep bending curves the wrong way?

kitten corner: teaching the classics

if you don't like the data, stop reporting it? ONS edition

yet another sunday meanpool

memepool: cat explainer edition

kitten corner: aptitude testing

quick housekeeping and a question

the evidence on pfizer pfunnybusiness continues to mount

kitten corner: fielding questions

another look at UK all cause mortality by vaxx status

kitten corner: the stove police

gato's home health diagnostic

UK age stratified all cause death data shows higher deaths associated with covid vaccination

sunday memepool: government edition

sunday memepool: throwback edition

sunday meanpool

new year's memepool