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incommuni-gato: taking a few purr-sonal days

classic gato rock

are covid vaccines associated with a rise in all cause mortality?

kitten corner: remakes of old video games

kitten corner: AI singularity

are covid vaccines causing persistent covid?

bad cats and bluebirds

holiday meanpool

christmas memepool

a very gato christmas

the pharma inquisitors are coming

quick updates on covid vaccine fertility issues

swedish birthrate data: october is the worst decline yet

kitten cornering the gaslight market

kitten corner: streamlining government

did covid vaccines prevent covid deaths in the US?

kitten corner: how to cut politics in half

how intelligence agencies take over governments and nation states

kitten cornering the market on conspiracies

sunday mean-pool: gato's dating tips

sunday memepool: gato's life tips

pfizer advertising

israeli government "lost the agreement" with pfizer for covid vaccines

saturday morning meme ambush!

kitten corner: trump trading cards

our covid model says "X saves lives"

the masquerade will always be with us

kitten corner: lies, damned lies, and ...

maxwell's demonizing

"sudden death from unknown cause"

kitten corner: prosecution fantasies

brown university rugby: d1 national champions!

sunday meanpool: get pumped

sunday memepool: catmass shopping

kitten corner: world cup

anti-cat discrimination by "big bird"

mainstreaming free and fair expression

kitten corner: update time!

soyjacking history

some things i learned

kitten corner: a matter of account

swedish birthrate data: september update

kitten corner: "the new abnormal"

monday morning meanpool

cuban style expert worship

sunday memepool: a distillation of feline wisdom

kitten compilation: gatito bueno goes walkabout

miscalibration or misinformation?

the receipts on vaccine efficacy

waiting for bluebirds

kitten corner: gunning for rights

fact check on fact checking

kitten corner: boys being boys

kitten corner: advice on health advice

capturing the perfect moment

the final stage of changing jerseys is wiping out the evidence that you ever wore a different one

welcome to the human welfarism state

forcing the brave to stand alone

sunday mean-pool: more mean memes

sunday memepool: the holidaze begins

is "go woke go broke" driving "go woke, go home"?

kitten corner: covid vaccine side effects

thanksgiving memes

kitten corner: world cup betting

the public health czar has completely lost the plot

kitten corner: farewell to fauci

the act of submitting engenders submission

adverse results from adverse selection

SBF, WEF, and the mile of red yarn

kitten corner: censorship senescence

sunday meanpool: embrace the wrong

sunday memepool: standards are slipping

war on everything

kitten corner: a good start

looking for happiness in all the wrong places

kitten corner: unfair to dogs

FTX/SBF memes

kitten corner: safety trials

sunday mean-pool: because you guys seem to like them

sunday memepool: the truth about cats

weekend walkabout

calvinball: the electoral arms race

you can't beat "something" with "nothing"

"if i stole it" by el gato malo

kitten corner: truth in political ads

kitten corner: election monitoring

american politics tutorial

kitten corner: credibility un-boosters

sunday meanpool: more mean memery

sunday memepool: brunch is served

kitten corner: false flag operations?

save the cats of san juan

why you should be thrilled to pay twitter a monthly fee

accusations of electoral fraud

contextualizing context

kitten corner: the price of forgiveness

state what you are in favor of as a simple positive

kitten corner: yelling at cats

emily oster's no good, really bad, terrible idea

sunday mean-pool: mean tweets and dark treats

total lies are total disrespect

sunday memepool: the feline singularity

halloween costume ideas

kitten corner: well, that didn't take long

kitten corner: peter, peter, pangolin eater?

omi-boosters do not confer new immune response.

kitten corner: pay your pals

clowns to the left of me

kitten corner: broken

coming friday?

kitten corner: the death of public health

malign creativity: china edition

cantilloning the playing field in your favor

so simple and so straightforward that it's jarring

sunday memepool: a random collection of truths

sunday memepool

fauci (et al) fraud finale?

repeal the national childhood vaccine act of 1986

kitten corner: UK prime minister

moderna trial shows type 1 diabetes as side effect in infants

why you should be a one issue voter

cats, the answer to "a lack of truss"?

why the world has become unfun

kitten corner: i made that!

mark it covid!

new US biodefense plans cross the line from fabulism into insanity

why cats don't trust the government

kitten corner: clinging to covid

making sound choices in the global information age

yes, pfizer marketed the vaccines as stopping spread

sunday memepool 2: more things you need to know

sunday memepool: live and learn

omicron gain of function research

kitten corner: testing the testing claims

denial of reality to preserve identity and status

kitten corner: things i noticed

the evolution of the bourla virus

"it's not about you, it's about me!"

artificial grass roots

kitten corner: assuming final forms

worrying news on swedish birth rates

the binary arms race between citizen and state

sunday memepool: gato's home schoolin' (volume 2)

surprise attack! saturday morning memepool!

the grand confluence of torpor

fear the floof!

the maskset: compilation of mask posts

the golden age of covid conspiracy theories

mask hallucination

the musk of change

save the mancubs

peter daszak: more battiness?

forget "being the science," apparently the UN now claims to OWN it

blurring the lines of the woke joke

sunday memepool: a study in contrasts

sunday memepool: all cats edition

gone fishin'

storms are not intensifying, media is

kitten corner: beasty cat

throw pfizer from beneath the bus a kiss

kitten corner: italian political history

free thought as existential threat

mini-memepool: california edition

i'm just a poe boy

gatospies™ report

nordstream of consciousness

a simple, direct question about omicron boosters

kitten corner: y'all been krugmanned!

ursula von faschist and the commission of doom

omicron booster boosterism and the fate of public health

sunday memepool: feasts of fancy

kitten corner: what are you, chicken?

kitten corner: brain teaser

gato's postulate

kitten corner: classes at clown college

what was the biggest lie you were told about covid?

kitten corner: begettings of belligerence

restoring the engine of everything

kitten corner: casting couch

el gato sin lluvia

kitten corner: toaster the town!

biden declares covid pandemic "over"

sunday memepool 2.0: history lessons

sunday memepool: now entering clown world

kitten corner: off to the races

closing ranks against the truth

martha's memeyard

kitten corner: kaspar-offering some insight

kitten corner: the german school of economics

the seeds of social credit

kitten corner: EU electricity trading

denmark bans the boost in under 50's

EU physics denial has come home to roost

kitten corner: mRNA to the moon

but if we allow school choice, some kids might get bad educations!

questions on pharma promotion

evil stirrings rise in the west

a special sunday: gato's homeschool

polling the audience about bad cattitude

out of the blue: perceptive redshift (part 2)

out of the blue: perceptive redshift (part 1)

kitten corner: this year's science fair

kitten corner: the SS california

more jersey switching: "original antigenic sin" now discussed in mainstream media

we need government to protect us from...

kitten corner: i support the current thing

more evidence on media as an organ of "the party"

kitten corner: the political process

sunday memepool: don't mess with cats

philadelphia brandon and the template of doom

the american hostage situation

kitten corner: pcertainly psuspicious

new 2a deal: gato gets an F-15?

culling character to elevate cowardice

vote for the bad takes hall of fame

sunday memepool: space for oddities


jersey blur

kitten corner: the cold facts

the stupidest argument in fiscal policy

more truth in advertising

kitten corner: remembering tony

control the lending, control the schools; control the schools, control the students

kitten corner: living with less

house sub-committee attacks trump for meddling with FDA on covid treatments

everyone is changing jerseys. now what?

state education reinforces state domination

kitten corner: proxima salami

fauci to step down in december

kitten corner: iatrophobia

kitten corner: rebuilding trust

energy negotiations

sunday memepool: science you can trust

what should schools teach part 2: key questions and trade offs

reframing the question: what should schools teach?

social contagion: is "long covid" often just "long parent"?

news about elevated death rates is leaking out

sweden birthrate update: june data

kitten corner: burger king

"sweeping reorganization" at CDC to "restore public trust"

wednesday memepool: all cats edition

iceland study shows 42% higher risk ratio for covid re-infection among the vaccinated

kitten corner: regional cuisines

elevating that which you try to hide

kitten corner: if pfizer made electric vehicles

"disband the CDC" goes mainstream

our interest is conflict of interest

sunday memepool: takes your breath away

kitten corner: faucian bargains

CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety

kitten corner: IRS

bending the first amendment past breaking

whither (wither?) the republic?

kitten corner: 8.5% is the new zero

welcome to the hotez gain of function

kitten corner: canadian trust

the true framing of power

kitten corner: gen X

it is a privilege to care about inflation!

bonus memepool: to thank everyone

DEI viral outcompete: monkey-business with monkey-pox

sunday memepool: kids edition

"staying apart keeps us together" is not public health. it's public suppression

kitten corner: public distrust of public health

kitten corner: i support the current thing

due consideration of due process

kitten corner: chipoltle olé

introducing nuzzles: where love wins

kitten corner: "fauci"

why the CDC data (and the CDC itself) cannot be trusted

kitten corner: ethical concerns

where we stand depends upon who has the guns

kitten corner: live in 3-D

sunlight, not gaslight

sunday memepool

kitten corner: recession

believe in something, even if it wrecks everything

kitten corner: your doctor, no choice

shrinkflation for jobs: yes, it's a recession

unbridled malign creativity

kitten corner: choco taco

assessing the case for childhood vaccines

the policy crisis no one made

kitten corner: heroes of rock

the sources and effects of vaccine hesitancy

kitten corner: science scores

lying with statistics: US all cause deaths edition

yes, birx is lying about her vaccine stance

jacinda ardern: book reviews

sunday memepool: calling the roll

the tipping point on vaccines and covid policy approaches

kitten corner: learning history

the revenge of the shape rotators (part 3)

the revenge of the shape rotators (part 2)

the revenge of the shape rotators (part 1)

CNN director on the pivot to climate activism

the constitution has been rooted

kitten corner: tibetan fearitualism

rule by emergency is not the solution, it's the problem

kitten corner: shanghaied

are covid vaccines the superspread vector for omicron?

teflon tony to step down

kitten corner: crude analysis

throwing the vaxx companies under the bus: evidence emerges

kitten corner: in justice we trust?

failing to learn from history

sunday memepool

generating a sense of crisis so people will demand "solutions" is not a basis for government

kitten corner: test the fed

the mask karens are back

a look at public-private informational control

kitten corner: raising the issue

return on grift looks to be diminishing rapidly

kitten corner: chick tac toe

kitten corner: lessons

higher vaccine rates associated with greater rise in hospitalization

latinx marks the spot

kitten corner: renaming paxlovid

relative excess deaths in the most "vaccine hesitant" minorities in UK

a gato-poll™ for the audience

kitten corner: doctor jokes

i see we have entered the "ninja level fear porn" stage of the pandemic

if you were looking for perfect image to exemplify the current zeitgeist

kitten corner: sri lanka

sunday memepool: join the fun

spicy takes on global energy and geopolitics

sweden birthrate update: may data

kitten corner: pfizer to english translator

cat-astrophic attempts at memes

having had covid not associated with higher rates of myo/pericarditis

kitten corner: fabric of lies

anuzzer vun: bob remains undefeated

BOJO resigns: time to fence with chesterton?

all cause mortality effects of covid vaccines in european children and kiwi adults

teach your children well

kitten corner: the heart of the matter

UK cabinet members resigning in disgust

kitten corner: gating factors

pursuit of american dream level: ninja

the character of recovery: exiting the soundbite era for something better

is pfizer suppressing vaccine adverse events reports in infants?

sunday memepool

swedish birth rate data: what does it really show us?

kitten corner: long covid

jerome adams takes on twitter for "lacking credentials"

kitten corner: human learning curves

US government buys 105 million more doses of pfizer vaxx for fall boosters

covid vaccines and immune suppression in babies: fertile ground for inquiry

kitten corner: based rate fallacies

data suppression and adulteration or just simple incompetence?

just how much are covid cases up in the US?

kitten corner: paxlovid

can covid vaccines cause more covid deaths while looking like they prevent them?

did BA.4-5 interacting with vaccines cause the death spike in portugal?

kitten corner: gato AI

when reality fails to align with your model, change reality

sunday memepool

if truth in advertising laws applied to federal agencies

kitten corner: hey, hey it's the monkeypox

birx had a tough day in congress

swedish vaccine injury data

kitten corner: what's your excuse?

danish national board of health admits vaccinating kids for covid was a mistake

first a trickle, then a flood: the vaccine adverse events dam is breaking

kitten corner: veterinary veritas

how do you miss the most blatant safety signal in vaccine history?

getting real about recession

kitten corner: drowning risk

times of moral cowardice

kitten corner: you'll never learn

the cats and dogs of government

kitten corner: sudden heat death

additional take on the israeli sperm count data

pfizer vaccine effects on total motile count in sperm donors

sunday memepool: life tips for the modern age

kitten corner: the allegory truth

stunning interview with michael yeadon

kitten corner: crisis confluence

a tale of two regulators

the greatest damage from covid has not been from respiratory virus

interesting conflicts of interest at NIH

kitten corner: self own squared

pfossible pfizer pfutures (and the regulators too)

fauci gets covid

earth was once "venus like" before climate change

kitten corner: pfizer dolls

the truth deficit has become unsustainable

🚨🚨food prices news🚨🚨

kitten cornering the stock markets

predictions: data adulteration is the coming thing

kitten corner: image matching

sunday memepool: this time, it's purrsonal

kitten corner: a day to remember

cats spreading covid

kitten corner: zen edition

the real economy

do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled americans?

testable hypotheses on BA.4 and BA.5 covid variants

back to the future: modern media emulates victorian debasement

kitten corner: PSA "if we ban guns"

price of gasoline too high? buy an EV!

the CDC has always been deeply unserious and poorly calibrated

"would you trust the vaccine?" 2020 edition

energy experts

the regulatory capture of "unexplained" deaths

kitten corner: back to the future

excellence and equity: bursting the incompetence bubble

sunday memepool: the memeing of life

kitten corner: CPR

guns and government

kitten corner: hearing political voices

we've reached the "we're not even going to pretend to prove this works, just do as you're told" stage of the pandemic

kitten corner: more AI translations

why public health "experts" never want to fight "the amateurs"

kitten corner: pfizer breakthroughs

covid vaccine driven immune fixation/organ infection (nature/modern pathology study)

just whose side is trudeau on?

kitten corner: al gore

gunning for guns

kitten corner: truth about government

natural immunity outperforms vaccinated AND vaccinated and recovered

kitten corner: the wheel is spinning

video flashback: pre-panic experts

kitten corner: yeah baby

sunday memepool: life advice edition

kitten corner: the rubber room gang

kitten corner: modern fairytales

all kitten weekend

the best kind of virtue signaling is phony virtue signaling

kitten corner: taxes

how to perpetuate an energy crisis

kitten corner: cause and effect

the long and short of "long covid"

kitten corner: summoning monsters

great moments in bad messaging

don't forget about the truth ministry

kitten corner: WHO's conspiracy?

fauci on smallpox vaccines

lifesaving medical procedures

kitten corner: monkeypox testing

comparing covid maps of the US

sunday memepool: innovation edition

kitten corner: lessons from gen X

are covid boosters causing more severe adverse events than previous doses?

pandemic? blame the cats.

kitten corner: the inflation diet

the bonnie and clyde of bioethics

there is nothing new under the sun

kitten corner: sorry for your loss

DHS puts truth minstry on hold

vaccine adverse events data

FDA approves boosters for 5-11 year olds

kitten corner: white house whistleblower

today's fun game: you've been kidnapped

societal travesties

conspiracies about conspiracy theories

kitten corner: calling your shot

the runaway healthcare buffet

sunday memepool

kitten corner: check yourself

the truth ministry comes for doctors

kitten corner: german energy

hey look, the censors are calling us out by name again!

fun fact: there is no idea so stupid that humans will not try it again (price controls edition)

masking the downside

kitten corner: going for a ride

the truth about government experts

CG enrichment in covid vaccine mRNA

kitten corner: science will win

high vaxx, high case

are we pfinding pfizer pfraud? (part 2)

are we pfinding pfizer pfraud? (part 1)

kitten corner: euro parliament

none of the "experts" really believed this #4,291

blaming the victim

just a reminder

these were never really experts

sunday memepool

putting the masks away

proper pronouning

photo that best captures the zeitgeist

masks are coming back

kitten corner: experts

roe, roe, roe your court

meanwhile, back in the northeast

kitten corner: horse sense

tinfoil cattery: if i wanted to empower a truth ministry

kitten corner: spicy take

conspiracy theorizing about food plant fires

kitten corner: malign creativity

trust us, we're the truth ministry!

kitten corner: genetic research

the "right kind of propaganda"

sunday school with gatito bueno

talking past ANTIFA

kitten corner: self clown

overplaying the same hand

kitten corner: test scores

the disinformation governance board would be the american "ministry of truth"

kitten corner: lost elephant

as vaccine failure becomes more and more proven, it's time to pivot to "nothing to see here"

kitten corner: spoiler alert

if i see one more twitter takeover meme, so help me..

kitten corner: twitter

twitter to accept the musk bid?

taking back the controls

kitten corner: cancer screening

is new england covid hospitalization data being retroactively adjusted down?

sunday memepool

kitten corner: cannibals

danish study shows no benefit to overall mortality from mRNA vaccines

are mRNA vaccines causing innate immune suppression?

kitten corner: conspiracy theories

kitten corner: biting the hand that freed you

back to the future: recovering from the aggrievement age

kitten corner: sheesh, ashish

a funny thing happened on the way to herd immunity

kitten corner: unlucky charms

unmasking the truth

kitten corner: trust in media

prioritizing life over disease ducking

know what's about to go wrong by what the media is trying to normalize

easter sunday memepool

kitten corner: school funding

kitten corner: justice for sale

US covid test positivity rates by vaccination status

the prospect of elon musk taking over twitter has the left unraveling

kitten corner: content moderation

real james bond villains wear cardigans

californian medical commissars

kitten corner: the reich side of history

circumventing manipulation via trojan framing

trading liberty for safety

covid is becoming increasingly vaccine enabled

sunday press conference

kitten corner: housecleaning

boosters associated with higher death rates

i did it for science

sundazed and confused

kitten corner: typos

lazy sunday memepool

pressing paws

"what is a woman?" and other quandaries

kitten corner: politicians

results from the moderna pediatric covid vaccine trial: if this is success, i'd hate to see failure

masking the problem

kitten corner: covid pscuses

kitten corner: imitation

lessons on burnout

NEJM proves that covid vaccine study methodologies are rigged

the israel post this morning had a significant computational error

sports governing bodies are failing women

sunday memepool-side brunch

kitten corner: easy games

leaving out the important part: the CDC analysis on pediatric vaccines is pure garbage

CDC reports of historical covid deaths drop by 70k to correct "coding error"

the rise of woketron

kitten corner: exaggeration

the day that courage failed

the goldilocks zone of societal participation lies in knowing what you don't know

kitten corner: the ides of march

intergovernmental institutions of informational suppression

kitten corner: EV's

sunday funday

kitten corner: soviet policies

if covid vaccines work then why haven't they worked?

kitten corner: cog sci

telling lies about the past

zero carbon and zero covid are the same grift

homogenizing herd level antigenic fixation

kitten corner: bossypants

variant specific boosters fail to elicit variant specific response

complicity theorists

sunday memepool

kitten corner: stockholm syndrome

video on cell and gene therapy from world health summit

woke or joke?

if i were going to conquer you

vivek calls for a new mccarthyism

kitten corner: rug sweeping

same energy

kitten corner: new jerseys

the rising role of the agitariat

kitten corner: leave the gaslight on

kitten corner: bad ideas

when the science™ fails, invoke histrionics

advertising in the post covid era

sunday memepool

if vaccines work, then why are they bending the curves in the wrong direction?

kitten corner: unconventional warfare

russia "sanctions" appear to be just for waving around

did "the science" change?

never let a crisis go to waste

si vis pacem, para bellum

kitten corner: monomania

german vaccine side effects data

kitten corner: anyone for tennis?

kitten corner: oil prices

kitten corner: professors

governments are about to come for cryptocurrency in a big way

kitten corner: "your papers please"

there shall be no data but "the data™"

sunday memepool

kitten corner: entitlement to freedom

will the novavax vaccine be a good booster option?

spicy take of the week award: gavin newsom

kitten corner: a gun like that

open box with crowbar inside

an epidemic of self delusion

kitten corner: i'm glad i'm a kitten

the conspiracy is not a theory

kitten corner: sheepish

kitten corner: defiant L's

your mask ennobles me

kitten corner: scooby doo ending

this is totally normal, right?

kitten corner: davos

professor gato: the epidemiology of freedom flu

kitten corner: ukraine

masks were performative epidemiological cosplay; there was never any basis in fact or public health.

pro tips for police and society

kitten corner: back to school

sunday memepool

telling the truth in the age of sponsored science

kitten corner: stuff nobody knows

kitten corner: bancel culture

portraits in cluelessness

perhaps the worst speech in protest history

wanna hear a doctor speak some serious truth about the epidemic of jersey switching?

kitten corner: rule by emergency powers

but my child does not mind wearing a mask...

kitten corner: the heart of the matter

the emergency of emergency powers

kitten corner: 100 days to bend the curve

justin "one note flute" trudeau drones on, but there is dissention in the ranks

kitten corner: homeland security

the kids have had enough of this masquerade

ottawa police resigning en masse? (or perhaps simply refusing to enforce unjust laws)

biden admin to change definition of "hospitalized for covid"

the internet has been won for the day

i see we are entering the "freedom is insurrection" stage of authoritarian derangement

funfair of the vanities

kitten corner: trust in media

pro tip for those who seem confused

sunday memepool (complete with networking tips and advice from notorious criminals)

boosters have failed

are aggressive vaccination campaigns and mandates helping israel?

sometimes, even in paradise

gofundme tries to steal and reallocate $9 million in funds donated to canadian truckers

kitten corner: books for kittens

attempts to vilify the ottawa protesters are backfiring

kitten corner: just like dad

after peak covid season

comply your way out of tyranny

technocratic domination: when government funds science, government controls science

omicron did not "slam labor markets." covid policy did. and it was entirely avoidable.

kitten corner: med school

kitten corner: democracy in darkness

seizing the memes of production

year of the tiger. CREAM: cats rule everything around memes

those who cannot convince, censor

just a thought...

kitten corner: freedom flu

perspective from the great white north

kitten corner: wow, that explains it

justin trudeau: a portrait in cowardice and projection

sunday memepool

there is literally no one on earth who is worse at memes than the authoritarian left

we had to burn the village to save it

kitten corner: substack

horseshoe theory and the politics of lizard people

introduction to science

the latest from scandinavia

kitten corner: the face of oppression

i see we have reached the "i'd better hide" stage of the pandemic...

resisting the release of vaccine trial data

canada: the talking points vs the reality

a cunning plan for opt-in personal ID

the dangers of propaganda to propogandists

meanwhile, in germany...

kitten corner: mass formation

in praise of lawn darts

kitten corner: ukraine policy

epidemiological humor can be taxing

waking up is hard to do

kitten corner: fund my start up!

non interference in private medical decisions


sunday memepool

name a city that changed your life

climate is the next obvious pivot from covid

kitten corner: government by the neurotic

what if legislatures stood up for people?

intelligent disobedience

bob's cartoons

kitten corner: mr tony

alberta gets caught palming cards on covid vaccine efficacy

covid home packs

the WEF's "believers"

kitten corner: google art

the health shamans are getting better at their jobs (as hucksters, not healers)

new data on vaccine efficacy from scotland and more evidence on bayesian datacrime

kitten corner: stanford prison experiment

end feline appropriation

the beach last night

vaccines and boosters associated with faster case growth in UK

kitten corner: streisand effect

how to generate a societal immune system

kitten corner: fauci at WEF

the promised memes

mass formation and delusion

taking back education

michigan nursing home death counts were under reported

this wins the internet today

enable a clownshow, get clowned

kitten corner: new york mayors

kitten corner: migration

NBA ends covid surveillance

vaccine efficacy and social duty

kitten corner: palpable stupidity

peter daszak: well, yes, this is exactly what we did...

"we won't get normality back without a fight"

kitten corner: secrets of secret police

your vaccine does not protect me

health agencies catching up with the science from 12 months ago..

bayesian datacrime: defining vaccine efficacy into existence

a few good bats

"la science," who wore it best?

kitten corner: tony testimony

bad cattitude to add paid option

new estimates: 76% of americans have had covid

kitten corner: old enough to remember

more perspective on sweden and the lies we were told

kitten corner: predictions

"fact checking" is the new propaganda ministry

catch 2022

now in theaters: "gato's 20"

kitten corner: predictable movie plots

yes, omicron is mild.

covid policy and the topology of terror

kitten corner: trunk show (and tell)

if it's not inalienable, it's not a right

why are northern european (except for sweden) all cause deaths up in 2021 vs 2020?

more danish vaccine efficacy data

kitten corner: covid jail

the kids of the UK

why does no one trust the media anymore?

first they came for the...

kitten corner: australian open

the eternal anxiety of the thoughtless mind

kitten corner: nirvana

imagine a world: there was another way

shocked, yes shocked to find that the media has been engaging in bias...

kitten corner: chekov's gun

why don't public health agencies and regulators track vaccine efficacy by vaccine type?

better on gettr?

moving the goalposts is the new "settled science"

kitten corner: forced into a workplace

vaccine evasion and an OAS signal in ontario

incipient canadian fascism as harbinger for the totalitarian world tour

kitten corner: deal of the day

life lessons

sport leagues to drop Ct for PCR positives to 30