Sitemap - 2021 - bad cattitude

happy new year

sanity spreads and the circus slinks out of town

german omicron data

kitten corner: immersive education

CDC quietly revises quarantine guidelines

your papers please

kitten corner: reputational damage

yes, the vaccines were supposed to stop covid spread. yes, the "experts" told us so.

how to make the hospitals (and the rest of the island while you're at it) a mess: boriqua edition

kitten corner: animal planet

the financial press is starting to declare covid restrictions pointless

what do you call a conspiracy to accuse others of being conspiracy theorists?

the fool winds up where the wise man began

kitten corner: merry go rounds

early estimates on omicron prevalence in the US revised WAY down

indoctrinating children is always the authoritarian endgame

kitten corner: leave it to the states?

quarantining the vaccinated

no, n95 masks do not stop covid either

the viciousness of tribalism

2/3 of recent UK "covid hospitalizations" are not for covid

if boosters stop the spread of covid, why don't we see it in the data?

christmas shopping for cats

happy holidays from puerto rico

fun fact

covidian migration patterns

has public health lost all discernment?

epidemiological marxism?

more evidence on omicron vaccine evasion and antigenic imprinting

kitten corner: camps for MPH's?

when a people are free, sometimes would be despots "say the quiet part out loud"

kitten corner: sweden

covid on airplanes

the evidence of your own eyes and ears

kitten corner: the matrix

addendum/correction to danish VE data

kitten corner: broken (again)

the half life of "conspiracy theories" is dropping dangerously

omicron in denmark looking exceedingly mild so far

kitten corner: pfizer birth control

booster side effects

even CNN switching jerseys on "covid cases" as a relevant metric

puerto rico admits that vaccines do not stop spread

kitten corner: demography is destiny

what fresh hell is this?

kitten corner: broken

there's something antigenic in denmark: boosters show negative vaccine efficacy for cases

sitting outside the door

kitten corner: anthropology

6th circuit dissolves the stay on the OSHA vaccine mandate

flip-flop follies: facts, fiction, and fabrication

are covid vaccines reducing hospitalizations and deaths? (spoiler: it does not look like it)

kitten corner: you can lead a horse to water

"the kids are not alright"

kitten corner: omicron risks

making more swiss cheese of the mask mandates

when the lie becomes an end unto itself

feline good about this miss universe choice

kitten corner: 10 days to flatten the curve?

higher education: stopping the spread by spreading the exposed

wow, i agree with the new york times!

kitten corner: your mask protects my vaccine?

great medical discoveries of 2021

a walk down memory lane

kitten corner: movie sequels

i see we have reached the "if it does not work do it more" stage of the pandemic

kitten corner: karen ethics

is original antigenic sin starting to dominate covid?

professor gato's intro to restaurant physics

there is no medicine but "the medicine™"

if you come at the king, you'd best not miss

keeping the kids in school

kitten corner: oregon

crowdsourcing the secret police

felines show the way (again): finland edition

kitten corner: guantanamo elementary

media response as governmental immune system

graphical deception (and a smoking gun for OAS?)

kitten corner: vermont

"the past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth"

kitten corner: booming economies

more evidence of omicron mildness

world domination by increments

control the language, control the discourse

kitten corner: poses for posers

kitten corner: myocarditis

the last time tony fauci was pushing masks for disease mitigation

a message from cardinal fang

for all the cats unjustly accused this holiday season

kitten corner: cold weather blood clots?

camp australia: the brochure vs reality

a brief reminder: health agencies were not always deranged

germany vs sweden

i see we have now reached the "cover up" stage of the vaccination campaign

what we were promised

taking away words is taking away power

kitten corner: red terror

the new york times declares war on internet cats

3 fun facts

kitten corner: some lessons are hard

northern new england

the omicron absurdities continue

russians propose covid vaxx for cats

the "advent" of omicron booster shots

is it vaccines or is it covid causing athletes to collapse on the field?

photo from the archives

tactical morality is worse than immorality

kitten corner: anything and everything

more early takes on omicron variant

how to manufacture a hospital crisis

kitten corner: austrian leaders

travel bans do not work to stop pandemic spread

"all cats have an element of psychopathy"

botaswana (b.1.1.529) variant histrionics

the calm before the storm

the thanksgiving shibboleth

montesquieued perceptions of government overreach

kitten corner: police training

this is probably a spurious correlation

all you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust!

a pandemic so bad, that if we stop telling you about it all the time, you'll stop noticing it

kitten corner: german christmas

bad cattitude continues to spread

kitten corner: monty python australia

"let's use the army to put innocent people in camps!" said no non-horrific government. ever.

there, i fixed it

watching the educational totalitarians claim your children as their own

kitten corner: germany follows austria

propagandistic praxis

being ungovernable is the only basis for just government

the world erupts (again) in protests against tyranny

kitten corner: you had that power all along

how to clown yourself

kitten corner: tony's super hard job

kitten corner: sorting the mancubs

the commanding heights of authoritarian structures

germany's vakzine fail

and behold, the lies have become too great to sustain!

kitten corner: looking in the mirror

“if the data is not validated, the vaccine cannot be mandated!”

at what point do we have to rename "conspiracy theories"?

it would be a win if more people changed it to their lived philosophy

kitten corner: 1,000 monkeys

"protecting the conversation"

kitten corner: police states

the latest faucian bargain

anatomy of a dependency culture

homeward bound

kitten corner: silence the CDC

buying scientists

kitten corner: the heart of the matter

norwegian covid hospitalization trajectory study

do modern elites have no sense of shame?

kitten corner: the principal's office

practical lessons in civics

kitten corner: choices

you cannot comply your way out of tyranny

watch as "epidemic of the unvaccinated" becomes "booster refusal killing the double jabbed"

one way to mitigate risk from vaccine boosters

kitten corner: credulity

the strong incongruity of reported vaccine efficacy against covid death and all cause deaths

if "unvaccinated" were a drug to stop covid spread, you could probably get it FDA approved

you'll need masks until you agree you need masks

kitten corner: gaslighting on gas

fun fact: not even the media can tell when the media is joking anymore

kitten corner: bird brained advice

covid boosters closing schools?

welcome to the hospital california

shame the children until they comply

kitten corner: information criminals

seasonal expression, not vaccine prevalence is the driver of covid

the french are correct to stop using moderna on anyone under 30.

cartoons you could not make today

kitten corner: ignore the court ruling

the war on seasonality

kitten corner: are the CDC considered health officials?

is "long covid" mostly a mental disease?

kitten corner: squid game

why does US data for deaths and hospitalization for the vaccinated look so different from everyone else's?

kitten corner: are you better off?

kitten corner: brainwashing a cat

how to massively skew reporting of covid deaths and vaccine reactions

kitten corner: keynesian cat

"close your eyes and open your mouth" is no basis for public health policy

kitten corner: eye of the tiger

pfizer's magical mystery pill

athletes, covid vaccines, and life threatening injuries

australian hospitals are swamped; it's not covid

i see we have now reached the "mandatory public signaling of outgroup exclusion" part of the pandemic

no virginia, it's not white supremacy

kitten corner: political messaging

"let's go brandon" is the king meme of our age

kitten corner: liberating math

vaccines seem to be having no effect on covid death rates in israel when compared to low vaxx palestine

covid vaccines and army troops

kitten corner: NASA vaccine protests

the qatar study on relative breakthrough rates in the vaccinated

the true meaning of halloween

kitten corner: trick or treat

happy halloween

kitten corner: vaccines and covid pspread

pfizer CEO on vaccine hesitancy

2020 is the year that turned all of public health into an endless series of fad diets

kitten corner: hurricane brandon

the protests continue

supply chain disruption

mobius loop regulation: lessons from the regulatasaurus

kitten corner: "shark tank" australia

kitten corner: we had to destroy the village to save it

swedish study shows covid vaccines drop below zero efficacy on spread by about 200 days

more evidence fauci, daszak, and the NIH are STILL lying about wuhan

kitten corner: counting doses

laughter is kryptonite for tyranny

addition to US ER data: cardiovascular AE's are exploding

why are so many in the US now so sick?

kitten corner: history repeating

kitten corner: drug testing on mancubs

vitamin D deficiency associated with 630% increase in death risk in hospitalized patients with covid

the morality of medical "authorities"

NIH research "keeps us safe"

kitten corner: brandon, the musical

the new "not a wealth tax" is a pretext to entrench an aristocracy

kitten corner: pfizer

is #Beaglegate just a pretext to get rid of fauci?

austria gets ready for house arrest for the unvaccinated

why covid is catnip for karens

kitten corner: PSA's

if you'll lie about one thing, you'll lie about another: ecohealth edition

kitten corner: humans are helpful

did covid vaccines cause a spike in cardiovascular and neurological issues?

kitten corner: invisible racecars

original antigenic sin

kitten corner: abusive relationships

properly measuring vaccine efficacy and risk reward

kitten corner: accountability for ecohealth

high art as public health allegory

the IRS and bank account snooping

kitten corner: chicago gangsters

protest in trieste: we the people are winning

when laws are not moral

how to lie using statistics: ontario edition

kitten corner: california employees

kitten corner: canada hates brandon?

is this the smoking gun for leaky vaccines driving viral evolution to hotter strains?

kitten corner: firing your wizard

so, this is the "good inflation"?

kitten corner: thinking about covid

back to the future of american politics

italian vaccine passport protests

are the branch covidians coming unhinged?

kitten corner: that's entertainment?

kitten corner: viking conquest

cave man capitalism

kitten corner: covid as a covid booster?

moderna boosters at the FDA

sweden wins again

lion awake

kitten corner: my dream (asking for a friend)

in support of southwest employees

kitten corner: domestic terrorism

kitten corner: going to parties

the propaganda rabbithole

are leaky vaccines driving delta variant evolution and making it more deadly?

kitten corner: supporting your friends

biden is playing "fakeball" not "hardball" with OSHA vaccine mandates

updating the UK data on VE vs delta

let's go brandon!

an epidemic of the vaccinated

kitten corner: trusting george washington

did US vaccine mandates increase uptake?

buckle up, goose

have hospitals really been overloaded?

kitten corner: funding failure

peter daszak: supervillain origin story

kitten corner: giving up your right to make decisions

the grinch that stole everything

kitten corner: reichstag fire drills

mandating vaccinations for domestic flights

fall in the wasatch

the olbermann report(card)

kitten corner: kate sheppard

kitten corner: ding, dong the witch is dead...

build back bettors

kitten corner: harvard business school

covid heads north for the winter

kitten corner: modern morality plays

first they came for the swing sets

were some folks a little TOO prepared for this pandemic?

kitten corner: great moments in feline history

a further look at the "partially vaxxed" population as a predictor of covid deaths

the number of single vaxxed people strongly predicts covid deaths

kitten corner: traditional masculinity

kitten corner: kittengarten curriculum

did kathy hochul just declare a state religion?

kitten corner: academy of pediatrics

employer vaccine mandates

kitten corner: leana wen

all cause deaths and vaccination status

israeli booster shot/deaths update 9/26

new york braces for massive healthcare worker shortage due to vaccine mandates

kitten corner: rights watchdogs

is delta more contagious than other variants? (and if so, to what extent)

2021 covid trends in highly vaccinated new england

kitten corner: messaging

denmark and sweden covid vaccination lessons

kitten corner: VAERS

winter is coming, and the vaccine narrative is about to shift

kitten corner: hollywood

a bureaucracy seeking to protect itself is the enemy of science and of liberty

are covid boosters accentuating covid deaths in israel?

kitten corner: class war

pfizer says their covid vaccine works in kids 5 to 11. does it?

gato goes to the FDA

how did we get to a place where such outrages seem "normal"?

FDA panel votes against approving vaccine boosters

is low delta CFR a function of vaccine efficacy?

kitten corner: the fabulous fauci

the vaccinated superspread hypothesis

mABS shortages after the federal government takes control of allocation

kitten corner: mandated hospital closure

why "vaccinated covid deaths/hospitalizations" are being counted incorrectly

israeli covid deaths data

do first vaccination shots increase spread and covid deaths?

are booster shots increasing covid spread and covid deaths?

kitten corner: stanford prison experiment

the opiate of the classes

kitten corner: iconic irony

departing heads of FDA vaccines division say there is no compelling evidence for booster shots

kitten corner: collaborators

government takes control of monoclonal antibody distribution

NY hospital having a midwife crisis?

quick take on the biden speech

your body my choice?

are covid vaccines working? (take 2, corrected data)

data-crimes: ivermectin and sperm count edition

kitten corner: what did you learn in school today?

memes that endure

what can we do?

sweden vs the US:

kitten corner: zero covid goals

hey, let's have health policy made by 24 year old media studies majors!

kitten corner: the great depression

the golden age of disinformation

kitten corner: obstruction of congress

politicizing medicine

kitten corner: mu variant

more on the bangladesh mask study

so, apparently ivermectin is safe enough for CDC to mandate for immigrants and refugees but too risky for americans to use? huh.

kitten corner: south australia

bangladesh mask study: do not believe the hype

chicago gets schooled on vaccine mandates

vaccine effectiveness: assessing the duke data

imagine mistaking this for public health policy

kitten corner: kids in schools

two top FDA vaccine leaders stepping down over agency practice

comordidly obese: the effect of covid policy on our children's health

why i think faith in vaccine passports will be impossible to sustain: lived experience trumps data. always has.

streisand effects and polyglot media

the consent of the governed

kitten corner: ICU prank calls

if you want people to trust the vaccines

effective covid mitigations: all cause death analysis

kitten corner: truth in naming

sweden and covid

civil rights protection for the unvaccinated

mandating the medical choices of medical professionals

kitten corner: vaccine safety studies

masks and learning: justifying the unjustifiable

opposing tyranny: it's time to suit up or shut up

kitten corner: norway schools

social media and the fermi paradox

kitten corner: educational risks

fading vaccine efficacy and booster implications

US health officials call for 8 month "booster" for the fully vaxxed

kitten corner: desensitization and training

the real public health crisis

leaky vaccines, super-spreads, and variant acceleration

actions have consequences: houston edition

kitten corner: afghanistan

vaccinating the recovered

hysterical anecdotalism about hospitals

vaccine mandates to fly domestic

the madness of king joe: framing and misdirection

kitten corner: resilience

puerto rico and vaccine passports

politicizing vaccines

a picture is worth 1,000 words

kitten corner: history

a clear and precedent danger

social interaction shaming

pro tip for al gore:

kitten corner: neil ferguson

a no life crisis

why are vaccinations seeming to drop in effectiveness?

trial balloons and covid buffoons

oh deer

kitten corner: governor nuisance

US covid summer surge

kitten corner: australia

fun fact: government occupational licensing is the same as government censorship

critical thinking about misinformation: in praise of rabbit holes

lockdowns 2.0: some predictions

kitten corner: inoculation vs job loss

a covid study i would like to see

kitten corner: masks

fauci flip flops, version n+1 (seriously, who can keep track)

things that don't get on the news

kitten corner: time flies

a theory on the new surge in covid fear:

kitten corner: singing the same song

pfizer safety and efficacy: 6 month study

why won't you trust the media?

the 2020's are the decade that has proven the russian writers correct

struggle sessions for teachers

kitten corner: med school

do covid vaccines stop covid spread?

kitten corner: whiplash

kitten corner: long covid

fear and superstition

kitten corner: human social signaling

fake marshmallows as justification for failed cults

kitten corner: coincidence

societal manipulation for fun and profit

if you are wondering what fascism looks like

kitten corner: picked last

kitten corner: clown news network

the US summer covid season has attenuated

the ends justify the memes

israeli vaccine data

kitten corner: keep calm and karen on

NPR: national propaganda readers

imagine a world

jerome adams is dangerously undermining public health

kitten corner: recombinant RNA

"natural" immunity from recovery outperforms vaccinated immunity in covid-19

phone carriers as "fact checkers"

kitten corner: australia

parody accounts

kitten corner: unpublished booster data

if we can't scare them into doing what they are told let's hold their freedom hostage instead

kitten corner: california

for those looking to soup up their portfolios

gato's third postulate

kitten corner: preschoolers in charge

kitten corner: inflation

teacher's unions and critical race theory: it's time to end this charade and provide real choices

kitten corner: cuomo

kitten corner: weight loss

junk studies: university of florida post covid risk

the internet is the worst neighborhood in america

celebrating america

rethinking college

anarchy for the USA

kitten corner: memes

this was predictable and predicted (and you need to remember that)

kitten corner: california travel bans

aristocratic imperatives

if you want to know what leaders really think

kitten corner: canadian censorship

kitten corner: criminals

london protests

pro tips for humans

kitten corner: physicists

kitten corner: CDC polling

vaccine mandates as performative religion

kitten corner: tuberculosis

kitten corner: fear the delta

delta variant as pretext for youth vaccination

the roots of the tree of liberty

kitten corner: playdate panic attacks

meanwhile, just outside the echo chamber

"there. i fixed it." america's lifeguard edition.

the memetic application of frustration

kitten corner: political ethics

the woke virus infects the AMA

mass electronic surveillance

racism as a public health emergency

parody or woke? 6/18 puzzle (hard)

parody or woke? 6/17 puzzle

epidemiological sorcery

forget the fauci wuhan flip-flops

kitten corner: allies

returning what was stolen is not beneficence

parody or woke?

kitten corner: myocarditis

even cuomo throwing in the towel on covid

delta, delta, delta (variant)

kitten corner: child labor

distancing in G-7 photos

CNN manners guide: 2021 edition

in geo-politics, as in wagner

kitten corner: germany

kitten corner: build back better

self identifying as social justice

before you judge public health officials

kitten corner: painfully ridiculous

learn your centers of excellence

effective public health is built on trust

kitten corner: zero covid

"vaccine hesitancy" is not a helpful term

kitten corner: dress code for clowns

vaccination shows no benefit to those who already had covid

kitten corner: vaccinated

did a chinese scientist file patent for covid-19 vaccine in feb 2020?

kitten corner: ivermectin

kitten corner: PPP loans for coverups

trusting "the scientists" on "the science"

social media source code

"cancel culture is only fun when we're the ones doing the canceling" -jack dorsey

kitten corner: daszak

taxpayer funded uber shortages

FOIA = Failure to Obliterate Incriminating Activities

doggie cones for health workers?

kitten corner: opening doors

funtime with fauci FOIA

kitten corner: real socialism

reports from the trenches: massachusetts edition

"respect the science" becomes "respect, not science"

child consent

springtime for rationality

bill nye and the science lie

life moves pretty fast

gato's second theorem

melodrama for fun and profit

making up data, making up facts: jha edition

kitten corner: biology for ethics majors

social-media as apparatus of state censorship

ignore the CDC. natural immunity matters

the mythology of government job creation and growth stimulation

actual bond villain buys james bond franchise

sorry humans

how to lie with data: UK variants edition

post vaccination spikes in covid risk

don't mask don't tell

kitten corner: cuomo

"vaxxed hesitant" (to return to life)

OSHA reverses covid vaccine stance

flip flop fauci and the origin of covid

addressing mRNA vaccine spike proteins

shopping in 2021

kitten corner: segregation

feeling sheepish?

shame evading variants

the WEF: real life james bond villains

no hospital beds for the un-vaxxed

kitten corner: human identity

the fearmongering sorcerer's apprentice: UK edition

update on US covid case counts adjusted for testing levels

kitten corner: kittengarten

there, i fixed it!

do zoom meetings cause lockdowns?

kitten corner: gavin yamey

little by little

if even one of you

there's no fauci on our sunday-show couchy

incompetence or dishonesty?

my mask defines me

UK fight night

vax americana

kitten corner: CRT

can you tell science from religion?

brace for the screaming

kitten corner: #zeroding

fear driven secular calvinism

rorschach 2.0

kitten corner: forms

in praise of price gouging

kitten corner: dear experts

science is a process, not an institution

kitten corner: spellcheck

covid crisis as performative pretext for neurotics and agoraphobes

what is to be done?

for all the moms

kitten corner: the SS cuomo

OSHA imposes new rules for vaccine mandates

the wile e coyote of epidemiology

the kafka trappings of wokedom

fact check:

honest question

the virus did not wreck the economy

update on US covid case counts

don't wait up...

kitten corner: chris cuomo

the texas "death warrant"

the children of grievance

kitten corner: math and taxes

teaching what's important

kitten corner: cuomo

the problem with performative virtue signaling

where google touches halliburton

kitten corner: lagarde

stakeholder statism

your child's mask protects no one: schools report card

schools do not spread covid

silver screen lining

kitten corner: irish math

california public health (ostensibly)

grifting through the ages

trade offer

old love letters

kitten corner: bonus ding! ding! ding!

kitten corner: recovered covid

masks as social conditioning: performative epidemiology

how about they rob you to pay me?

CDC admits: no RCTs support mask efficacy vs covid. none.

CDC vaccine guidance was never supposed to make sense

kitten corner: NPR

the same tired faucian bargaining

time to live

kitten corner: greed

i am old enough to remember

kitten corner: testing

ready for the weekend

kitten corner: greenwald

trained marxists

kitten corner: goalposts

michigan: america's covid outlier

the war was never supposed to end

fox incorporated: henhouse security

kitten corner

your mask protects me

spotting rights abuses

kitten corner: legal experts

of crybullies and cognitive dissonance

kitten corner: smarter this time

rational response to irrational fears

adventures in self-clown

mythical creatures you will never see

kitten corner: the WHO

kitten corner: denominator

selecting for extreme narcissism

masking the mask facts

poking holes in "swiss cheese"

speaking the truth to power

making vax passports eternal

kitten corner: vaccine risks

fat check: TRUE

kitten corner

may the odds be

In Praise of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

kitten corner

how to close schools forever

democratic socialism


kitten corner (bonus)

kitten corner

mistaking cure for disease

new and bigger mommies

deceptive marketing

things i learned today

kitten corner

mark it covid

inhaled budesonide for covid 19

deep thoughts

perpetuating the masquarade

it was always a stacked deck

activism to academia

mental health in the age of covid

covid "child variants"

a vax passport by any other name

remember this and you'll be free

read this and you can just skip social media today

puerto rico curfew

kitten corner

dunking on the woke

kitten corner

the real north americas

swerving around the squirrel

kitten corner

defining "woke"

mass media is not your friend

kitten corner

the problem with trading liberty for safety

the kids of america

kitten corner

the free market bigotry cure

courting freedom

travel bans and travel jails

hallucinating hegemony

asymptomatic covid spread

the global columbo: vaccine passports

the CDC is losing the script: impending doom

fauci's 15 minutes are up

the cathedral vs the bazaar

a cat’s tale: how getting canceled by twitter made me more optimistic than ever about free speech